Thursday, May 06, 2010

An award :-)

award  pokal (Small)

Thanks Berit - Mitt Lille Rosa Syrom (My little pink sewing room)!
I feel honoured to be in the receiving end of this cute award :-)

The rules are as follows:

Copy the award to your blog
Link to the person who gave it to you
Tell 7 interesting things about yourself
Pick 7 other bloggers to award
Link to their blogs
Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they are awarded

Well - I can't think of just 7 bloggers to award, so if you think you have something interesting (or fun) to tell about yourself, please consider yourself awarded :-)

7 interesting things ( or quirks maybe) about myself:
- I get up very early every day, and start the day with some sewing along with my morning tea / coffee. I very often light a candle too, and make the moment precious.
- traditional blocks make my heart sing and my head spin
- I love to read about fabric history, quilt history and the women who made the blocks/quilts
- I mix and match hand and machine work whenever I find it suitable.
- I quilt, stitch or read about quilts every day of the year
- I wear lipstick every day, even if I am all by myself.
- I do not know how to be bored - there is always something creative spinning in my head  :-)

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  1. Hanne, I am so happy you made it home. Happy Birthday, very late. It was wonderful to visit with you in Shipshe. Come again!


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