Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another temptation!

I can not resist sampler quilts, especially if they are based on blocks and designs from the Civil War era :-)

This is Rosemary Young's lovely book. I have had an urge to do it for a long time, and I have thumbed the book a gazillion times since I bought it from Rosemary 2 years back.
As you can see I also have a project file for EQ6 on a CD.
Makes it very easy to print the blocks.

If you want to contact Rosemary for info about her books and CDs, you can email her: ryquilter1 at
Your local quilt shop may carry the books too.
The later editions of this book has a different cover, with a red heart on it, instead of the two soldiers.

The book is a treat in many ways - beautiful blocks and letters from the Civil War era.

1st block made :-)

It is named Enthusiasm - a good start to a lovely quilt.
The letter is from USA's 19th president, Rutherford B. Hayes, to his wife, dated July 27, 1861, when he was fighting in the Civil War.
The work title for my quilt is Civil War Love Letter Quilt goes to Japan.
The quilt has 121 blocks.



  1. i have 59 blocks done for this quilt so far... I was lucky enough to find a group to join and we meet once a month to show our blocks.. keeps me on track. By October I should have all the blocks done if i stay up with the group.
    We are talking about starting another quilt like this when we are done with this one.

  2. Lukke til med kjærleiksbrevblokkene! Det passa godt å byrje på det denne helga, som har vore så til dei grader romantisk! Du er heldig som har EQ og kan få printa blokkene! Og japanarane kjem nok til sin rett her.

  3. Ja da var det disse blokkene jeg også skulle ha starta på da hehehe

  4. Da er vi i gang :-)
    Blir fin i japanere ser jeg!

  5. For et mot du har - dette blir spennende. Nydelige farger du har startet med. Bodil (

  6. Hej Hanne, I'm looking forward your progress. Your work title CWLLQ goes to Japan sounds tempting.

  7. Wonderful first block. Good luck with your project. I think you were very wise to get the pattern CD... sure speeds things up!
    Cyn; -)
    ps: I'm still working on Rosemary's first book: CWD.

  8. Flott bok og blokk. Jeg falt for fristelsen til å kjøpe boka A Farmers wife, men har ikke sydd noe fra den ennda.

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