Saturday, June 26, 2010

What about Butterfly Garden ??

Since my remark in a previous post several have asked about Butterfly Garden.

Pulling my hair in despair !!

Here is how far I have got,



and here are May Britt's blocks

What made this project come to a halt ?

We both subscribed to this BOM from an internet shop overseas, after seeing the project at Leanne Beasley's workshop in Norway, when the project was hot off the press.

We pushed the Buy button, and waited VERY eagerly by the mail box for our goodies to arrive.
It started so well, with blocks on time every month, and we were happy and excited, until the packages stopped to arrive on time, and it went down hill from there.

The happy quilters did not receive their blocks like they were used to, less than half way through the project, and with a quilter's attention span, we lost interest in blocks we did not know when to expect and so forth.

The project was set for failure!

We have tried to refuel the interest in this lovely quilt many times, but to no success…..

Well, well - we are trying again, optimists as we are, as we both want the quilt done :-))


The two happy quilters made a deal and took a hand shake on making 1 unit a week, until the quilt is done, with  an agreement we both want this quilt done and ready for use before next summer!
To much time and to much money have gone in to the project to just let it sit in a box forever :-)

Anyone wanting to join us ?
The more the merrier :-)



  1. Så flinke dere er!! Lykke til.

  2. Great idea to start a blog for Butterfly Garden, to inspire more to finish it...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  3. goodluck girls.......slowly and surely you will get it done.....

  4. good luck on your quest I hope you inspire each other and like minded people out there in blog land I am doing Leanne's house quilt bom I have only done three so many more to go but I am still keeping up take care Nicole (UK)

  5. I know just how you feel. I'm guessing it was Honeysuckle Cottage? I waited and waited , got very cross and eventually after 18months got the rest.
    Good luck finishing it

  6. Love this post... love the pic's. You girls are so lucky to have each other!

  7. Hey Hanne! Love the pics and can't wait to see yours and May Britt's progress on this gorgeous quilt. I have two of the big blocks together and have had to put it on the back burner to tackle a couple of other quilts, but it's not forgotten ... I pull my finished blocks out sometimes just to look at them! :0) I'd love to join your challenge, but since I'm already doing the Gardeners Journal stitch along, I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up - will watch as your quilts grow, though! Happy stitching! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  8. Morosame bilete! Eg er ikkje i tvil om at desse prosjekta blir fullførte. Men forferdeleg irriterande med dårleg service på nettbutikken. Good luck!

  9. Oj Hanne, together you'll do it!!! Your story is really familiar to me. I ordered this BOM from the same place. I would like to join you, but I'm afraid I haven't enough time... I have so many other and more alluring project now. Maybe I should dig up my BG blocks and perhaps got a bee...

  10. My Butterfly is still not finished, I had the same problem as you, still missing some fabrics :-(

  11. Its lovely you have each other to encourage you to keep sewing this quilt. :)

    Good luck and happy sewing! :)

  12. I'm sure you and May Britt will finish your quilts now - Peg and I are in the same boat - started early last year with great enthusiasm and this quilt was put away until about a month ago when we both started on it again.

  13. It's a beautiful quilt, ladies and I am sure that there will be lots finished over the next few months. Bonne chance!

  14. Blir spennede å følge med på blokkene som vokser for hver uke. Et nydelig teppe, har alle mønstera, men ikke orket å starte. kanskje et vinterprosjekt???
    Lykke til.

  15. I´d like to join you! Five big block are finished and from now on one one small block a week, starting next sunday. I can not blame the shop for not finishing because I bought it from a Norwegian net shop and the deliveries were just in time and nothing missing.
    I needed this kick to go on with it!

  16. Way to go Hanne and May Britt I know you will do it....

  17. Skjønner godt at dere mistet motet på den der - men det er flott at dere leter opp motet igjen for det er et nydelig teppe som dere kommer til å bli veldig glad i når det er ferdig. Jeg ser på mitt hver dag og SMILER. Lykke til!Bodil (

  18. Så fint at dere har funnet den fram igjen. Neste gang bestiller dere kanskje fra en lokal butikk?

  19. You have inspired me to do another section of my butterfly quilt.

  20. There is something marvelous about having a partner to inspire a finish .... I know that both of you will do it!!!!


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