Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily threads

Since coming home from vacation another bronchitis has got the best of me, hence the silence.

Note to self:
1. Always wear a scarf when on an airplane, AC is not good for me!
2. Make my own arrangement for drinking water when flying - the air crew might not serve me anything other than half a cup of tea. (It's true!)

I am doing my daily thread(s) though, in spite of a nasty cough and a moderate fever coming and going :-)

3 days ago this was the status on Block # 8 and Block # 9:

The last 7 units prepped:

Status today:


4 more unit to go!
Are you tired of my Butterfly Garden quilt ??
I am, and I am very eager to be done now :-)


I have now enabled comment moderation on my blog, due to a heavy load of stupid spam.
Who reads Chinese anyway, and who wants to buy cheap shoes and clothes times 11 a day ??
If you do not have a blog, you are now again free to post comments on my blog if you like.
Comments are now open for all.
If you want me to answer you, you have to make sure your contact info is enclosed.

Back to my blocks and a gallon of tea :-)



  1. I'm not tired of your Butterfly Garden blocks, but I do understand how you feel :o) They are so pretty.

    Get well soon...lots of stitching therapy is good for you.

  2. God bedring. Ser ut som vi er mange som er blitt spammet av det samme tullet ja, så til det gir seg får vi vel heller leve med litt moderering en stund.

  3. Nå nærmer vi oss slutten ja! Du ligger litt foran meg, jeg har 7 miniblokker igjen.

    God bedring!

  4. Sorry you have been ill...wishing you speedy recovery and sending a gentle hug!

  5. God bedring! Og fortsatt lykke til med sommerfuglene - det går jo radig framover jo-

  6. Soon you have them all done :) And I promise you...IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOD.
    Hurry hurry, we have to start a new project together now.

  7. Hanne, I hope you feel better very soon. Your Butterfly Garden is looking wonderful.

  8. keep stitching.............never sick of this quilt it is such a pretty quilt......

  9. Sköt om dig .. fy sjutton för luftrörs problem!!!! Snart där med BG.. bara jobba på.. :o)))

  10. I hope you are feeling better! Don't worry, you are almost in the end of your BG!!! You can do it;) I have yet THREE blocks left...

  11. Hi Hanne Hope you are feeling much better soon. I love looking at all of your quilting. The Butterfly Garden is so pretty.

  12. Riktig god bedring Hanne. Håper du blir frisk til Trondheimsturen.......

    Teppet ditt blir lekkert, og ikke mye igjen heller.

    Stay strong and keep stitchen :)

    Go`klem Hanne-Kristine

  13. No I am not getting tired of your blocks. I enjoy seeing the progress.


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