Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doing a happy dance


Don't let fear or common sense stop you from reaching for your goals!

The 2 last blocks done
Monday - the top is joined, borders and all.
Working on the quilting
Someone has to relax around here, while someone else is machine quilting.
I am testing mom's new basket - purr purr
Done, done, done :-)

I really like the outcome of this quilt!
In spite of the slowest delivery of kits ever !
In spite of fabrics lacking in most of the kits!
In spite of the pattern calling for joining of fabrics to make the borders and the kit packed accordingly.  60 cm (23")  of each of the 2 border fabrics to make the long borders measuring over 60"…………

I love the joined effort several of us have done through blogland to get these blocks out in daylight again and make a quilt from them.
A special thanks to May Britt - we have pushed and pulled each other every day :-)

Lesson learned:
* Never again order BOM kits from overseas even if it is tempting!
Wait until the BOM comes as patterns only, or live without!
* Together we can do everything!


One more finish this week:

Livglede = Joy of life
My own design - with a touch of stitchery.

Machine quilted by Merete.

I am digging out the next project(s) to give my attention :-)



  1. Gratulerer med ferdig prosjekt! Det ser kjempefint ut, tykkjer eg.

  2. That is a fabulous quilt. I have been watching you ladies working on this quilt. I would love to do it, but just watching you ladies has been enough for now. Great job!!

  3. Gratulere så mye, teppet ditt ble nydelig :)

    Livsglede også :)
    klem hk

  4. Congratulations on both finishes! Butterfly Garden is spectacular.

  5. Gratulerer med to ferdige quiltar. Butterfly garden er berre heilt nydelig. Ha ei fin helg. Klem Jofrid.

  6. Congratulations!! It is beautiful!

  7. Hanne....both quilts are just stunning....well have inspired me to completed mine...

  8. Kjempefine, begge to!

  9. Hey Hanne! Oh!! Your Butterfly Garden quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Well done to you and May Britt for finishing! It gives me hope that one day I might finish mine too. :0) Sad to hear that your kits weren't up to a high standard, but glad you were ablt to soldier on and finish. Your second quilt is lovely too - well done to you for coming up with the design and stitcheries - what a clever chook you are!! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  10. Congratulations!! Your quilts look beautiful.

  11. finally you have it all have done so bad BOM does it in for you doesn't it..........shame.........but I am with you........

  12. Both quilts are beautiful. Congrats! I am glad you were able to work out all the issues you had with it.

  13. What beautiful quilts. My BG is coming along very slowly - Peg and I have been work on this quilt for a while, and thanks to you and May Britt we have been spending more time on it.

  14. You have inspired me to start my Butterfly Garden. I hope it looks as great as yours.

    Your other finish is great too!

  15. Congratulations on your Butterfly Garden finish - it looks fabulous! I'll be thrilled if mine looks half that good, thanks for the inspiration to get going on this at last.

  16. Gratulerer! Det gikk jo utrolig fort når du satte inn innspurten. Teppet ble kjempefint, og du kommer nok til å bli veldig glad i det, slik jeg er med mitt. Gratulerer også med Livsgledeteppet - nydelige fargekombinasjoner. Ha ei fortreffelig helg. Klem Bodil

  17. Well done! I doubt many would finish such a troublesome project. However, I am not surprised that you did :) You are fearless! Love your design!!

  18. Härligt jobbat!!!!
    Två fantastiska quiltar... men jag vill se mer av din!!!

  19. Wonderful quilts, beautiful colors. I love your blog.
    Have a nice weekend.

  20. Gratulerer! Kjempefint!!! Skal det stilles ut noe sted, i en butikk??? Skal du ha kurs i dette teppet???

  21. Very BEAUTIFUL Hanne! Congratulations also on your finish :)

  22. Well done. Butterfly Garden looks lovely. I like the quilt you designed yourself too. dommo

  23. Gratulerer med vel gjennomført bom, til tross for alle skjær i sjøen underveis. Og livsgleden din ble flott. hm - kanskje jeg skal finne fram symaskina her også

  24. Hi.
    Congrats with the finish. It is beautifull.;-)
    I know you have had some difficulty with the kits, but I don't think all the shops from abroad deserv a bad rumor ;-)
    I got kits from Sarah at QFD and Lyn at Moore Ptchwork and Quilting and those girls are just great. They always send the kits in time and always enough fabrics. ;-)

  25. Gratulerer!!!! Job well done! I'm not far behind you :) Finally..

    As for ordering BOM's.... Speaking for Australian shops, it was just that particular shop that has proved unreliable.

  26. Ups.. I tell a lie -- I only got pattern from Lyn at Moore patchwork and Quilts..My kits come from Sarah at QFD. But I love both those shops-
    Always sending ordrers in time. If only every shop would learn from them :-)

  27. We did it!!!! Butterfly garden is finished. And it feels sooooo good.

  28. Wonderful .... your Butterfly Garden is done and you can enjoy it now ... great challenge amongst friends can do wonders!

  29. Sorry you had so many troubles with your BOM, but the end result is just lovely so it looks like you were clever enough to figure it all out. Your other quilt is nice too with your own personal stitcheries. You are so good at combining quilting and stitchery! Cheers! Evelyn


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