Friday, August 27, 2010

New priority projects :-)

It works so well for me to pick priority projects, so I will keep on keeping on with that for some more time :-)

One for machine sewing - my Christmas Elves quilt.
All the stitchery is done.
My friend Bente and I have been doing this 9 block quilt as a BOM this year, starting in January, so it is very appropriate to finish it in September.
Off course we have some new plans for October :-)

One for hand work - my Sjømann (Seaman) BOM from Lappemakeriet.

I am setting my goals high, sort of, and want to see what a week of focus can bring to these two projects.

Never a dull moment in my sewing corner :-)

PS. I have bought the Christmas Elves pattern here.
Moore Patchwork and Quilting, in Australia,  owned by Lyn, is a great place to shop for patterns. She is very very nice and always sends on time.
I have subscribed to several BOMs here, patterns only, and I have bought several single patterns and books as well over the last years. Lyn does not sell kits.  
Highly recommended - great selection - ships very fast  :-)



  1. I find that I have to do the same thing. I have too many things going on that if I don't set in my mind I need to get a project done I will move on to a different one and not finish anything. I love both quilts. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Du er i full sving ser jeg! Butterflyen er nydelig, og sjømannen likeså...

  3. hei - så gøy å se at du er i gang med neste prosjekt. Du kan jo informere de som ikek liker å handle far utlandet om at Siw på Quiltegården har de samme mønstrene, og en del bom'er av australske designere.

  4. We learn which shops to do our shopping from.


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