Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday update


It is so cold and wet outdoors, and it is nice to watch DVDs and drinking hot tea while doing hand piecing.
Colin Firth is worth watching on given any day, in my book :-)


Progress on my challenge:
8 more seamen are ready for the last step of appliqué, the centre circle.

16 of 24 seamen down, 8 to go - in different stages of completion.
I plan to do the centre circle on all 24 as the last stage.

P1060659I was at the mall today, for some gift shopping, and I came across this beautiful shabby chick tray / basket.

I got a lovely mail post joy today - 2 gorgeous pieces of fabric and a beautiful shopping list. Thank you very very much - you know who you are. It really brightened my day :-)



  1. Lovely basket for your work!!!
    Yesterday the postman brought me also the 2.Part of the Scandinavian Christmas Hearts, very beautiful. I'll do it next week.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Gotta LOVE Colin Firth!

  3. Jane Austen DVDs and hand-stitching can come any time :)
    And I really made more of a handful of yo-yos nowadays (while watching not Jane Austen but "the Jane Austen book club" and drinking my new favourite plum-vanilla-cinnamon flavoured tea. :)
    What a coincidence! :)

  4. I was plannig for a Jane Austen-weekend, but my family took the remote control with them to the cabin. No Colin for me, sigh.......

  5. Dear Hanne,

    your application`s are wonderful...and your Blog is very wonderful quilts and more....

    LG Klaudia, from Germany

  6. Your challenge blocks are looking wonderful! And I agree - any day is a good day to watch Colin Furth!

  7. Oh Hanne if I lived closer I would come over and bring my stitching, have tea and watch Pride and Prejudice with you. I have that version and have watched it many times. Like you I never get tired of watching Colin Firth. What a nice way to spend a day. Enjoy!!!

  8. That sounds like bliss...a little Colin Firth and hand-sewing...fabulous!

  9. I just love this quilt, I can't wait until I start my Dresden Plate quilt.

  10. I see that you too prefer the earlier version of Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth, I don't know how many times I have seen that!??

  11. Anonymous3:28 am

    I agree! Cold wet days call for Colin Firth!mmm....
    lovely Mr Darcy :) Happy stitching


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