Thursday, September 23, 2010

5 days 5 finishes ?? Challenge to self :-)

P1060647Yesterday I had the best R&R day - doing stitchery and drinking coffee :-)

P1060640I got my stitchery thread back on Tuesday - it was left behind on Lappemakeriet's Quilt Café on last Tuesday.
Isn't it cute, marked with a heart sticker with my name. Made me smile.
It came to mind that I NEED some finishes NOW :-)
I have not been to good with my Early Bird Christmas Crafting, and I am not so proud about that……..

It always gives me a good feeling to be done with something, so to work oh bold quilter!

My sewing machine acted up and made a mess of my binding on the Elves quilt too……. I am grumpy about that…………….
I have taken off the binding and bought a new one. It was nothing wrong with the fabric, but the feeding dogs did not work to well, even if the machine has just been in the shop for its annual service.
Well - it will sort out in the end.

I found that a challenge to myself is just what I need, and I have made a priority list of 5 projects. Here it is, in random order:

P1060650The finished stitchery from yesterday - I plan to merge two patterns from Northern Quilts, sort of, and make a gift from this.

P1060651Friendship Challenge from May Britt to Bente and yours truly.
It is due on Thursday next week, and I have a plan ready to roll.
I can not show you the result before next weekend though. 
May Britt has nudged me for a while now, but I have not told what I am making ;-)

I am also making the next challenge and it is nearly done.

P1060652The Disappearing 9-patches from last week. I need 2 tops done by Thursday so I can have some help with layering them for machine quilting. The gifts are due in 2 weeks.

P1060653I still have 5 seamen left to do - and we are getting the border fabric in 12 days - I want to sew up a storm - pun intended :-) 

It can be that I change some of the challenge objects or add more - it is my challenge and I do what I want with it :-)
Anyone want to join in ?
Deadline Monday evening at midnight your time.



  1. Wonderful things you have made. I'm very interested in your new stitchery. - Is the elves quilt of your friend Bente finished?
    Have a nice day with sunny moments.

  2. Good luck, Hanne!

  3. Beautiful stitchery!! Yes -stitchery and coffie makes a couple :-) Thank you for your lesson Monday. I went straight home and challenged myself with the little star in Papa's Star. Kept going till 00.30 and am very satisfied with it. Ready to finish the big parts tonight.


  4. I know that you are up to the challenge. I will have to join you at a later time. Instead I will be hand quilting the quilt for my first great grand child and trying remove some of the excess things that have wandered into my sewing area in hopes of being next on the list. Instead I will be putting them away so they will not be a distraction. I do have 6 focus projects that I am working on now and that is enough.

  5. I'm tempted to join in but after the very long days in Maine at the HeartStrings sew in, I don't think I can work enough to get 5 done in 5 days but I do have 3 goals in mind for the next couple quilt to bind, one top to quilt, one quilt to piece....wish me luck! I hope you meet your goal too.

  6. Kaffe-lappen høres så hyggelig ut!! Neste gang jeg er på besøk hjemme på Kolsås må jeg stikke innom. Er det for ekstremt å dra med meg sytøyet fra Sydney bare for å være med? :)

  7. Hanne you have so many wonderful projects. I think there is nothing better than needle and thread with a good cup of coffee. It seems to me that you do get a lot done. I enjoy watching your progress.


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