Sunday, September 19, 2010

Singing a Sunday Song :-)

It is time for an update, isn't it ?

P1060632The seamen are falling in line beautifully - no more mutiny!
5 more down and 5 to go.
I still have not appliquéd more than a few - 5 or 6 - and all lacks the middle piece, but now I have decided to be done with the piecing before doing the appliqué.
Good choice, if you ask me :-)

I am still being careful with my left shoulder, so hand work suits me very well.
Today we have had a sunny day, and in addition to sitting  outdoors for a few hours, with my sewing off course,
I have also gone for a walk, swinging my arm as I walk.

P1060637My lavender plant is still looking good in the late afternoon autumn sun.
I guess it is to late to take it in to dry - or maybe not ?
I have never done that before, and I think the plant is so beautiful on my veranda.

I am working on no less than 2 gift quilts though.



It is going to be 2 Disappearing 9-Patch quilts, one for a dear relative, and one for her best friend, both celebrating their birthdays together in 3 weeks time.
I try to be a bit frugal - not cheap - and use what I have at hand in stead of rushing off using a lot of money.
Not that quilts are inexpensive in any way, but I do have all I need to make these 2 quilts, except for border fabrics.

I am doing just a little at a time, so I guess this project will keep me occupied for a while. The sore shoulder is not applauding to much cutting or feeding the sewing machine to intensively.

All the 9-patches are done now, and are ready to be cut to new blocks.

I think autumn is setting in in my mind too - making food from fresh produce - like meat and vegetable stew, known as lapskaus in Norwegian, and baking bread.

P1060639Home made food is good, and the smell of fresh baked bread is always lovely!



  1. Please take care of your arm :)

  2. The seamen looks great, and will be a beautiful quilt! Look forward to see more of the other two you are making.
    Have a great new week!
    Take care,

  3. I look forward to see the finished quilts. Be kind to your shoulder :)

  4. I love the Dresden Plate blocks. I hope to get to the one on my list in the next few months!

  5. Flott å se at du klare å sy :) Men pass nå inderlig godt på skulderen din.
    Quilten din kommer til å bli virkelig lekker. Brunt og blått har eg virkelig fått sansen for i det siste... Lurte på om du kunne vist oss gangen i disappearing nine patch, sånn bilde for bilde.... Dette har eg ikkje prøvd å sy, men eg har sett flere som har, og mange er virkelig flotte arbeid.
    Ha en vlott uke Hanne og fortsatt god bedring.
    Klem hk

  6. Flotte prosjekter på gang. Heldig de som skal få så fine gaver :-) Ønsker deg en kreativ og god uke.

  7. I wish I were there to enjoy some of that fresh baked bread and to visit with you. Your blocks are lovely. I still have not made the disappearing nine patch. Take care of your shoulder.

  8. Your seamen are looking lovely. Glad to hear you are taking care of your arm! Continue to get better.


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