Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baking season :-)


I do not like to bake cakes very much, but I love to bake bread and other goodies with yeast.
I am good with yeast, I enjoy the process! (said the humble baker ;-) )
I enjoy covering the dough with a clean baking cover and I enjoy covering the fresh bread with the same cover after.


Here are my baking covers, including the one over the breads - one with cross stitching on it, one with a simple applique (not ironed after washing yet), one vintage plain white with a lovely pattern in the fabric and one in printed linen I bought in Tallinn, Latvia,  last year.


I have recently bought these 2 embroidery kits for baking covers and plan to do one in brown and one in red embroidery.
They are bought at my favourite quilt shop, Lappemakeriet.
Visit their new blog!bakeklede broderusk

I also want to make this baking cover, with a traditional nursery /baking rhyme on it. It is cute!
The design is from Northern Quilts, just like the Christmas Hearts.

One of my good memories from years back is when my grandmother had baked bread very late in the evening when I came home to their house during vacations, after hanging out with friends during my teenage years.
My grandmother always baked the very very best bread and she used a baking cover similar to my vintage white one.

Lately some have started using plastic behind their baking covers, but I do not like that, as it limits the baking covers to the dough only.
It makes the dough rise faster, but in my not so humble opinion I think that yeast dough is better when it is not rising that fast.
You can not cover your bread, cakes or cookies after with a plastic cover either.

May Britt has blogged about her baking covers too - take a look and drop in later this week, both here and there for a nice surprise :-)



  1. Love to bake with yeast too:) Looking forward to this weekend. And we do have some surprises.

  2. Hi Hanne! Oh, I too love baking bread, I don't often buy bread in the shop. Since I have seen your's and May Britt's baking cover, I want one also! I look forward to seeing your Christmas tablecloth! I have only just started no 4 heart. Thank you very much for your email:))

  3. I've been the bread baker in our family for years as well. I learned it young, as my mother used the kneading as a form of physical therapy. I still love the whole process of it, the smell of the warm yeast, the smell of the bread baking, the texture as you knead it, then again when its ready to pop in your mouth, still warm & fresh out of the oven! mmmm

  4. Anonymous5:01 am

    Hanne, I am curious - I was on MayBritt's blog and came here from there. I am curious about the baking cloths - are they just one layer? or is it double-layered? We make oliebollen (Dutch yeasty treats with apple and currants) every New Year's Eve. I always just cover the dough with a clean tea towel, but I like these much better. Can you please tell me if it is one or two layers? I tried to Google it, but only came up with your's and MayBritt's blogs, and the translation tool I found couldn't translate the Norwegian word LOL Thank you in advance.
    Gerda in Alberta, Canada

  5. Your bread covers are very pretty. When making bread, I always cover mine with a clean dish towel. Now you've given me the idea of stitching a bread cover. You also recalled to my mind the times of my Granny making bread. She came to the U.S. after WWII from Belgium. My Granny made the best soup and bread. That is why I have made bread for my family..the great memories! Pat McDonald

  6. I love to bake with yeast, too. A friend made me a couple of cross stitch bread covers that I use to cover warm rolls when we are having dinner. But, I use a tea towel when I am letting my dough rise, and it always has a lot of lint. I love your pretty bread covers.

  7. Ok, those reindeers are ADORABLE!


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