Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Slow steps forward :-)

It feels like I have been on the sick list for a long time - stomach flu, cold /flu and tiredness.
One good thing though - I am forced to slow down, even if I do not feel like it right before Christmas.
I like to be done with the Christmas gifts here in the sewing corner early - but not so this year.


Sometimes it looks so comfy to be a cat, just 'laxing through the days, watching the papers and the sewing goods.


Under this furball is a 8" square quilt, and it was all it took to make her claim my desk basket as her own. I guess it takes a cat to find that pile comfy.

Come to think about it when I see a corner of my sewing machine on the photo above, several people have asked what I think about my new Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0.
I am still in love with the machine and it meets my needs very well!
Nothing wrong with my old Janome 6600 either, other than the fact that it was high in the front and I am not a tall lady, so my hands and shoulders got more tired than they do now.
I hope the new owner is as happy about it as I was before my shoulders gave in!


When I am not in my best shape, stitchery is a lovely thing to work on, and now all the hearts for my Christmas Hearts BOM are done. Come next week I will finish the quilt / table cloth.


It is secrecy season again, and the first batch of packets are ready to leave the house.
It is fun to make these Advent Sunday calendars!


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