Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best laid plans and all that……… :-)


I had planned to do a lot of sewing machine work these past 2 days, but my body and I are not on the same team right now.
Stitchery is nice though, combined with a lot of tea and my feet up. It is a matter of counting your blessings, not your limitations, right ? :-)
I do have a small finish for November already, and do not have to force any finishes on this last day of November, which is Good in my book !


It is freezing cold outdoors - minus 16 degrees C + wind chill.


All this talking about baking  and baking covers made me want to bake more!


Whole grain bread rolls - yummy - and we had them with fish burgers for a quick dinner today too - yummy.
There are still enough rolls  for tomorrow + for the freezer.
I wish this was a photo with smell - bread rolls smell very nice!

Talking about baking traditions:


I bought this lovely box at Berlin Airport in Germany the weekend before last. I bought it for the box, thinking it might contain cookies or something, but found it contained this lovely fruit cake Christstollen.


This fruit cake has a very long tradition in Germany, according to the leaflet in the box with the cake.
I do not read German very well, but I could read that this cake tradition has roots back to the 1400 century - how nice is that!

If you by any chance has a good Christstollen recipe to share I would be a happy recipient.
My DH and I have had a slice of this delicious cake / fruit bread for our 7 pm coffee for a few days now :-)

As you might see from my first photo, the baking cover stitchery is done and I hope to work more on it tomorrow.
The small stitcheries will be part of my Christmas gifts this year.


~Reflect upon your present blessings,
of which every man has plenty;
not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. ~
Charles Dickens



  1. I like very much your embroderies, and the bread can smell until here, I baked somme bread tonight as every day and I preparer a post in my blog to participate to you challenge!
    Marie (france)

  2. Hi Hanne!

    Both the cake and your bread rolls look delicious! I love your baking cover - so very cute!

    You are so very right - we are much happier when we think about our blessings and don't lament on what we "do not" have. Because in reality, we have everything we need!

    Hugs from Australia!
    Vikki xo :-)

  3. How lovely to see a baking cover in use. You are correct in saying, we would use a clean tea towel.
    We do use a ham bag which I have never seen decorated. Maybe I should draw up a pattern ...
    I hope you will share the recipe for the German Christmas cake if you get it. I love authentic recipes from other lands....we are spoilt here in Australia with such a range of migrant cultures over the years.

  4. Hanne, in the UK we always use a tea towel, I love the idea of baking cloths. I lived in Stavanager for 3 years, I think I will try to make a baking cloth using some Norwegian motifs. Martina Rosenberg of Chatelaine designs has shared her Christollen recipe on her blog. I hope this link will work. I have not tried it but it sounds lovely.


  5. Your rolls look good:)) I can se that you enjoy your stollen, we can buy it here in England too. But I am sure there is one in my bread book, I will look it up for your, see you later!


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