Monday, November 29, 2010

More on the baking cover pattern giveaway - a change of rules


May Britt and myself have learned over the last few days that the decorated baking covers seems to be mostly a Scandinavian tradition and that it is more common to use a regular tea towel in other parts of Europe and in other parts the world.

The more a reason to enter the giveaway! :-)

But - in order for you to do so we have to change the rules a bit, to fit reality:

1. You have to have a blog AND you have to be reachable by mail.
2. Tell us what you like the best to bake - bread or cakes
3. Make a blog post about baking if you will - it will make it fun for us to visit your blog

The deadline for the entries will still be Wednesday at 6 pm ( noon New York time)


The rhyme on the baking cover goes:

In Norwegian:

Bake bake kake
Rulle rulle bolle
Ringle ringle kringle
og puff inn i ovnen

Translated to English (not included in the pattern):

Bake bake cake
Roll roll bun
Twist twist pretzel
and in the oven it goes


My girls learned this rhyme in kindergarten, complete with arm movements, and it is so fun to stitch - I aim at finishing the stitchery today.
It is not unlikely I will make more than one of these baking covers in  a while :-)

Visit May Britt's blog to see the stitchery for the pattern in the pattern giveaway finished.

Our friend Bente finished this baking cover this weekend - isn't it cute?





I found this lovely free stitchery pattern here - I bet she will look cute on a baking cover too :-)


"Broken cookies don't have calories" Author unknown.



  1. Mostly I like to bake bread. There is nothing better than a meal of fresh bread and home made soup. For holidays I often make blueberry cheese cake bars and lemon curd bars with a short bread base.
    These are some reasons I am no longer thin!


    Here is my link to some baking in my blog...there is also a competition for over 1000 posts..

    I am so glad I was not the only one to not be all that sure what a baking cover was, but I am always willing to learn and it seems to be a lovely Scandinavian tradition.

  3. What a beautiful custom! I didn't know it at all. I usually use a towel of flax which my mum made on her frame. But this weekend I stitched my own baking cover for all the bakeries I prepare for my whole family!
    Ps. A challenge is like an hot chilly pepper- makes the life spicier!

  4. I bake a lot of bread here at my house. And have always used a towel as a cover. But these baking covers have intrigued me. I'd like to make up some could you give me approximate sizes?

  5. What a good idea to make special bake cover! I invite you on my blog to look at my "dayly bread"!
    Marie (France)
    your bake cover with 4 drawing is lovely!

  6. This is a very nice challenge. I always throw a cloth on my breads, cakes and whatever I make, but I don't have one cloth especially for this purpose. I will make myself one right now... From my blog post you'll see the cloth I'm using, and it always puts me in good mood (of course together with the nice smell of something newly baked).


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