Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goodbye 2010


On the last day of the year, it is time to look forward and time to look back.
I am not one for resolutions, so I can not keep a resolution tally, and you will not hear me say that I will not buy any fabrics for so and so long, or finish all my Ufos, or eat all my green peas in the new year ;-)

Looking back on the year now ending I see days of joy and days of sadness.
I see smiles, laughter, creativity, fun, friends, thread, fabrics, hopes, travels - and I also see sad and unhappy days.
I also see that if one focus on the happy moments in everyday life, the sad and unhappy moments fade and shrink over time, and the happy moments grows and take first seat in the mind and in the memories. Isn't that wonderful ? :-)


Numerous morning tea cups have been enjoyed here in the sewing corner and numerous candles have been lit.
Many a (good) thought has been thought and many a early morning stitch has been stitched.

I love and thrive on my morning candles and cups of tea - they are my morning vitamins and charging of my batteries.
I like to count my blessings  instead of counting my limitations and I feel I have many blessings in my life.

Before I close the door on 2010's creative moments I would like to show you the last finishes of the year.


Gift for a dear friend that I could not show you earlier :-)


Wool felt bauble front


Wool felt bauble back. I find that these baubles also work very very well as pin cushions. I will make more of them!


All gift making was very well supervised by the furball :-)


This was the last gift this year - for my DH, who is going on a ski trip with friends shortly, and loves to sail with the same friends every year.


Ut på tur = an Norwegian expression for going on a trip, and I had great fun drawing the stitchery :-)
While sewing this one I am preparing a drawstring bag tutorial for you :-)
It will appear before long!


I am not the greatest fan of  doing bindings, but the not so new anymore Pfaff is a good helper, so I decided to finish the star quilt before New Year. This was the 2009 BOM from Lappemakeriet.
I am so looking forward to start their new 2011 BOM in January!


8 meters of binding and a finish is reality :-)
This quilt brings many happy memories from my trip to Shipshewana, IN and Canada in April. I brought these stars as my hand sewing project.

Are you missing my Christmas table cloth ?
I just fell out of the Christmas sewing - it will be back shortly, promise :-)


Stitching the Life is Beautiful blocks I have been testing Transfer-Eze. It is a great product and I have ordered more here.
So far I can find only 1 thing to take in to mind - you can not be in a hurry when done with the stitchery, as the pliable film is water soluble and the stitchery has to dry before you can work further on your project. Other than that I am a happy user :-)


5-10 minutes in the sink, with cold water, and the film is gone. It needles well too.


I just could not help myself - I just had to finish the backing cover from Northern Quilts :-)
I was baking white bread for the New Year's Eve meal and it both smelled good, tasted great and looked good :-)


If I have counted right - and I think I have - I have 47 finishes for 2010 !!
I am so happy about that - my goal was 44, the same as in 2009.

PS. I did not have time to finish this post yesterday, December 31. 2010.
I hope you had a great celebration, wherever you were celebrating!

We are taking the step into a new fresh year - use it well!


To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily.  To not dare is to lose oneself.  ~Soren Kierkegaard




  1. Happy new year dear Hanne. I know we are going to have a lot of fun happy crafty moments together, and I look forward to each one of them.

  2. Bonne et heureuse année 2011 !

  3. For eit fantastisk innlegg, Hanne! Du er god med ord og med saum, og mykje anna. Ser fram til å følgje bloggen din vidare, og sjå kva sprell du og nokre andre finn på utover våren! Og tutorials er veldig kjekt, ha eit kjempegodt år!

  4. Happy New Year Hanne! I enjoyed reading your post. Congratulations on your 47 finishes. Reading your blog, and others like it, brings inspiration and happiness to me and others. Thank you. May the New Year bring you many happy stitching days.


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