Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday report


One can only wonder where the week went……. 
I do however have a finished quilt to show for it!
I can not show it to you yet.
The quilt inspector took her duties very serious though, supervising the project thoroughly :-)

The to do list went down the drain, except for the secret quilt.
It took much more time than I expected - doesn't it always ?
Tomorrow starts another week, with new chances and possibilities.


I am in a sort and use/fling mode these days.
I do not like black anymore and I do not like orange more either, but together they look quite good, and give me a Halloween feeling.


This is care quilt # 3 in the making. I made a kit for 48 blocks from 2,5" strips.
Sure made a dent in the orange fabrics, but not so much in  black fabrics.


48 blocks done, ready to be joined another day.


Only 1 stitchery for Life is Beautiful done this week - a small step, but yet a step in the right direction :-)
I have not yet rinsed off the Transfer-Eze.


It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.
Chinese proverb



  1. Ikke alltid alt går etter planen, men man har iallefall en plan i utganspunktet ;o)
    Spennende med hemmelig quilt, gleder meg til å se ;o) Jeg gleder meg til jeg kan avsløre den jeg har brukt all fritid på siste måneden, det blir nok snart ;o)
    Ønsker deg en flott og kreativ uke,

  2. Well done on your care quilts:)

    And the quilt inspector is so cute. Looking like she is wondering how the next quilt she is going to inspect will look like :)

  3. Teppet du holder på med (sort/orange) kommer til å bli veldig fint!
    Jeg er heller ikke så glad i orange/gul. Kanskje jeg også skal lage et "teppe som varmer" i de fargene!

  4. Hi Hanne....I love the kitties - both the real one and the stitchery! You surely do get a lot done. That will be a nice care quilt.


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