Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snips of this and that


This has truly been a This & That week, with not much sewing going on.
I have spent a fair amount of time going through my fabric collection and making kits for an upcoming sewing event for care quilts.
Kits for me that is, so I do not have to drag along a lot of fabrics to get something done.
The orange and black blocks from the previous post is kit #1, this is kit # 2, both 48 blocks.


This is kit # 3, about 90 bricks for a brick quilt.
Cutting from scraps sure takes a lot of time, but when I see the finished quilt, it is so worth it!
I have also put all my batiks in a paper bag, for a friend to use for the care quilt sew together.
They look good, but the texture, brightness and shine of batiks do not really appeal to me anymore.
If they can make a kid happy I am happy :-)


You know I have a soft spot for Tilda kits, even if I do not buy them anymore :-)
This garden angel looks so spring-ish and nice - it is time to make her come to life!


So far I have just opened the kit - maybe I can give her some attention through the next week.
I know, I know - my to do list is so sidetracked - but it is my prerogative, isn't it ? ;-)


My DH is tearing the house apart!
Honestly, this is the view if I open the master bedroom closet - out in the big nothing, or down the cellar stairs…….
Check the bright orange on the walls that we found behind the brown wall plates from the 70s. Also very 70s!

A new closet has to be build in the process - everything is connected - redecorating the master bedroom includes redecorating the part of the downstairs too.


A finish:-)
A small pin cushion, but  yet a finish!
It is a Bareroots design. I did a small alteration to the text, from "I believe in you" to "Angel Hug"


The new BOM from Lappemakeriet has arrived!


I usually prefers to do my hand piecing drawing lines on the fabrics, needle and sew, but this time I have decided to do it the English Paper Piecing way, just for the experience.


A hug is like a boomerang - you get it back right away. Bil Keane


  1. Planlegging er vel og vakkert det, men fleksibilitet er enda viktigere ;-)
    Kos deg!

  2. I would be interested to know how you like the English paper piecing over regular hand stitching - I have thought about it.

  3. Seems as though there are many things going on at your home.

    You will so enjoy your new Master Bedroom space.

    Great idea to kit your projects. I find it saves a lot of time later and less things to carry.

  4. Så smart å lage seg arbeid til dugnaden å ta med. Da får du sy det du har lyst til, og får brukt opp noen av dine egne stoffer.

    Greit å prøve engelsk papirsying, men helt greit skifte mening underveis så du får sy på den måten som du synes er best. Jeg holder på med tre eller er det fire prosjekter rundt papp, og er snart fri for "gluetube" så jeg får vel tenke meg om to ganger før jeg starter på neste arbeid. Har testa ut ett par tre fire andre lim, men ikke funnet noen som jeg liker like godt som de gamle gule tubene. Du får hilse til håndverkeren, det blir sikekrt flott når han er ferdig.


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