Saturday, April 30, 2011

The last day in April - challenge ending


I feel like I am on a Use or Lose mission this year, throughout my house actually, but especially in my sewing corner and sewing room.
As a result of that I have been participating in a 5 before 5 / 15 before 5 challenge on the Scandinavian quilt list Quilt Skandinavia.

I enjoy challenges, and I have actually finished 15 Ufos, which also includes some of the care quilts this spring.
So, when I say I have finished 15 Ufos and 15 care quilts, they total less than 30 finishes, but more than 20. I have not kept a list, but reported to the challenge mom as I have moved along, so it is a guesstimate right now. Who cares anyway, as long as 15 care quilts can warm 15 sick children and the Ufo / Wisp ( Work In Slow Progress) pile is shrunk by 15 ?


The 15th Ufo finished:


I see that many of my Wisps are Christmas related and that has given me food for thoughts.
Conclusion: Do not start that many Christmas projects in 2011!

5 before 5 / 15 before 5 challenge finished for this year :-)



  1. Gratulerer med 15 Care quilts. Det står det virkelig respekt av.

  2. just catching up on all your posts Hanne..........a lovely time with the girls........great to get to Sue Daley's talk and workshop.........lovely quilts........

  3. Gratulerer med 15 før 5, Hanne:)
    Takk for hyggelig samtale for noen dager siden.

  4. Gratulerer, Hanne! Den øverste er nydeleg i fargane.

  5. Well done! I find it's so easy to start a project, but finishing... now that's another story!


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