Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am tired

P1040118Miss Cat and I are resting, or at least I am!

A troublesome foot has been very painful for a long time, and pain is taking its toll.
I have been on a waiting list for surgery since January, and it is my turn in 2 weeks from today!
Waiting for a date and pain are taking its toll, to be honest.

In the process my hospital files, x-rays and name on the waiting list got lost somewhere in the system, but all is in order now, finally.
Impressed ? Me not so much.............

P1040130My on-going projects have mostly come to a halt. I am enjoying my hexagons, but not at full speed.

P1040135My 9 patches have been badly neglected,

P1040136but I am doing some stitchery,

P1040138if not on these blocks though......


These projects are neglected too, in case you wondered......

It will be a hand sewing summer, so all that can be done by hand will be taken care of :-)

I did not feel like telling you much about the upcoming surgery before I had a date.
Whining would not make it a tad better in the long run!


Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. ~George Iles



  1. Eg er så glad på dine vegne at du omsider har fått ein dato. Det er slitsomt å ikkje vite, det veit eg noko om og... og du er ein meister i å ikkje klage, ja. Kjekt å sjå eit innlegg frå deg igjen. Ønskjer deg lukke til!

  2. But now you have a date and you know I am comming for a visit as soon as you feel for it :) To spoil you a little bit :)

  3. I can't do anything but thinking to you and hope for better health soon
    Marie in france

  4. I wish you good luck with your surgery, keep your head up and go for it! I cross my tombs for you that you will be released of your pain and can walk normally again!

  5. Sorry to hear about your foot. No wonder you are tired. There is nothing like pain to wear down the spirit. Good luck with the op :)
    Enjoy your handwork when you feel up to it... your work is beautiful.
    Miss Cat is so cute... I'm sending her a tummy tickle too!

  6. tvi tvi ----- håper du får hjelpen du trenger og finner tilbake litt sylyst ;)

    her er det lite med sylyst - men den kommer vel tilbake hit også ...

  7. Ønsker deg masse lykke til med operasjon!!!

  8. Det går litt betre når ein ser ein ende på ventinga. Lykke til videre. Klem Jofrid

  9. det kan ikke være greit å leve med smerter over lengre tid, lykke til med operasjon!

  10. Foot pain is horrible!! I am so glad it will finally be taken care of for you. It looks like you will have plenty of lovely stitcheries to keep you busy while you re-cooperate.

  11. Forgive me, but since there's no search function on your blog, I can't find out or remember what happened to your foot. Did you fall? I may have a vague memory of that. I hope the surgery goes well. I'm sorry you're in pain. That certainly can be very tiring.

  12. So pleased you have a date Hanne, may the surgery go very smoothly

  13. Lykke til med operasjonen Hanne;) Sender positive tanker;)

  14. Hi Haane, I am 7 weeks post op from ankle surgery (the 2nd op for the same problem. This has gone on for 6 years so I fully understand your pain. I hope all goes well for you.
    What helped me survive the last few weeks has been the fact that I planned a whole pile of hand work for me to do while clunking around on crutches, oh and some chocolate to nibble on from time to time ; ))

  15. wishing you well and hoping that the surgery leads to a painless recovery. Hope quilting will be on the agenda soon. Awesome stitcheries!

  16. Hi Hanne Sorry to hear you are having such pain. I hope that the surgery will be soon and that you will have some relief. I think resting with some hand sewing when you feel up to it will make for a nice summer. Take care.

  17. Venting er en egen pine :-( Så bra at du nå har en dato å planlegge utifra. Jeg håper operasjonen ordner opp i smertene. Men det ser ut som du har nok å holde fingrene igang med framover. Miss Cat er ordentlig søt!

  18. Best wishes being sent your way. It will be over soon! :-)

  19. Lykke til med operasjonen og ha riktig god bedring! Godt du har mye håndarbeid å hygge deg med, så blir ikke tiden så lang før du er på beina igjen.

  20. Hanne, I pray the surgery will give you relief from the pain. Those projects are too pretty to sit, so recover quickly. Love, love the pic of Miss Cat on the quilt!

  21. Your stitchery and blocks are lovely as usual. I hope the doctors can make your foot all lovely and new.

    I wish you all the best!

  22. Best wishes for your surgery! I cross my fingers for a quick recovery of your feet! It's always inspiring to read your blog, so I am looking forward to your new posts!

  23. Gosj, for en deilig katt du har. Utrolig lekre farger. Jeg ser du er aktiv på nål og tråd-siden, skal bli moro å se det ferdig.


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