Sunday, June 05, 2011

Goals are good, right ?


Rusket and I have spent time outdoors today - me on the top of the veranda stairs, on my bum, in the sun, and Rusket in the shady corner.
I can not get my wheelchair down the stairs, but a girl needs her sun and fresh air, right ?

P1040229Sitting outdoors is good for thinking too :-)
It came to mind that it is time to revive the Focus Projects again, as I am feeling I do not accomplish much at the moment. Make me kind of restless.


This Lynette Anderson Christmas BOM I want to be done with, stitching wise, through the week.

P1040225It would be more than cool if I could finish an average of 1 block a day through the week. It does depend on me (my body) cooperating with the sewing machine though. Today not so

P1040226This little make up purse needs some decor before the last joining seams. I think it will be stitchery of some kind.46282239_p

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ~ Les Brown



  1. Good to hear that you are able to get out in the sun. Wish I could join you for some sewing and chatting. But you know I'll be there soon :)

  2. Hi.
    I'm so happy you made it out to the sun :-)
    Take care and enjoy small steps...
    Fokus are boring somtimes but it make items done... I hope to fokus on some of my "few" BOM's this summer LOL..
    Hugs :-)

  3. Katta mi er mer bortskjemt enn din - han har stol med pute ;)
    ser ut som du har mye å velge i - kos deg!

  4. Goals are very good your stitchery...

  5. Hi Hanne, I just now read of your fall and your surgery. I hope that you are feeling better and have lost some of the brusing to your face. Don't forget if you have trouble finding the book let me know. Hugs my friend!

  6. Nydelig pusegutt! Jeg får ikke gjort så mye for tida. Idag gikk hele dagen med til å få av vinterpelsen til Tiffi. Hun skal nappes og det er så mye hår! Nå er hun fornøyd med en luftigere tilværelse, men mindre glad for valkene som ble avslørt - ny slankekur i emning :-) Nye mål for morgendagen, så får vi se ...


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