Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday progress

P1040338I do not know how it is with you, but with me it often is as if a to do list has to be sabotaged by my inner brat ;-)
This morning I did not feel like doing anything on my to do list, so this Christmas quilt got a few threads instead.

In the comments yesterday, someone suggested that it is good to be bored, as a sign of improving health.
Is it really ?
It might be that it is ok to be bored if you have choices to do whatever you like ?

I am bored being housebound - not being able to sew much with my sewing machine, not being able to drive a car, not being able to visit friends by myself, not being able to go anywhere outside my house without assistance, bored of being dependant on others all the time.
Bored is a better word than dislike to me in this matter, as I am so happy and grateful for my helpers - without them it would have been worse, and I do like their company, when things are as they are :-)

Luckily being housebound is a temporary state, even if I do not know yet when the cast can come off.
Eventually it will :-)

P1040339My Garden has moved forward by a jump today!

P1040334Last night I had to knit a little again, and a Blueberry Loveberry preemie hat is done :-)

roseborderWe cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails. ~Author Unknown



  1. You are so true. Being bored this way is not fun. BIG HUG

  2. Hi hanne.. Hang in there... It will get better soon... You have done alot since your surgery...I just love the prime hat that you made... The quilt is comming along beautifully... My prayers go to you ... Hugs :)

  3. You have every right to be disgruntled and bored. No real words of wisdom, just hugs and commiserations and a prayer that this season for you will soon pass and you'll be back to your real life again.

  4. I'm sure you are bored, but you can enjoy making the rest of us jealous by accomplishing so much on all your 'stuff'. I love the blueberry preemie hat!

  5. I know how you feel, and it's not so fun! But remember it will "only" be this way for a little while, and you¨ll be able to get back on track when you foot is healed. It's not easy, and you'll need a lot of patience when things are the way they are. I think you are doing so great with your hand sewing projects, and you'll have a lot of things to finish with the sewing machine when your foot are no longer wrapped in plaster.
    Sending you lots of happy thougts and warm hugs,

  6. Just wonderful. I mean the reiner stitchery... all the details... just perfect!


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