Monday, July 11, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Monday

P1040424Just wanted to share my new piece of jewellery with you - I love it - I love heart jewellery and the text is so nice.

P1040425I had an appointment for my foot at the hospital today, and I was nervous, so my waiting room work was done before lunch - and my appointment was after lunch.....

P1040427I had to cast on for another preemie hat before leaving, and that was good, as I had to wait for a while before the Dr. arrived, after having x-rayed my foot.

P1040432The cast is off!!
I do have to wear sturdy shoes all the time, and walk with the walker or 2 crutches for the next 4 weeks.
In 4 weeks the foot will be x-rayed again.
The skin is very very sore, and I have had an antiseptic foot bath, and I will be wearing a sock until the skin heals.
The surgical cut is right where the leather of the shoe meets the foot, on the side of the right big toe.
The foot is stiff, sore and strange, but it is mine, and I will make it work again, take as long time as it need!


DH bought strawberries for dessert today. I do love the look, the smell and the taste of fresh strawberries :-)
We had these berries without any additives - no cream, no sugar - these were the sweetest, most tasteful berries.


This has been a very long day, and a little more knitting and hand piecing in front of the TV, with the computer on the side was nice.



  1. glad that cast is off for you...
    the heart jewellery is lovely...
    strawberries YUM!
    cheers Julz

  2. Yay, so pleased the cast is off

  3. Oh Hanne...Yeah!!! I am so happy that your cast is off. That must be a relief to you. I had to laugh about your waiting room work being done way before your appointment. I still wear sturdy shoes, and it has been 2 years since my knee replacement. Just take good care of yourself and let your foot heal. I will take photos of my fiber projects soon.....

  4. Yay for no more casts -- that's a happy thing indeed! :)

  5. Congratulations, the cast is OFF! Yippee. Just in time for summer, too. Don't overdue. Lucky you that you hand piece and knit, so you have something to keep your hands busy. Good plan!
    Love n hugs,
    Cyn; -)

  6. glad to hear the foot is improving.......lucky the Tour de Fibre doesn't involve a push bike.........only watching them.......

  7. Anonymous7:42 am

    Congrats to your foot:o) Never thought that it will take that long till it´s ok

  8. Kjekt når ting går framover. Håper opptreninga går greitt og at du kjem deg raskt. God bedring. Klem Jofrid

  9. Så deilig det må være å få av gipsen! Håper du får det litt lettere nå framover, og snart blir det vel gassen i bånn på symaskina også :o)
    Ønsker deg en fortsatt flott uke!

  10. Så godt at du har fått av gipsen. Så er det enda noko tid med tolmod... Håpar det heilnar no!

  11. Så fint at det går bedre med deg.
    Jeg er imponert over alt det fine du strikker til de nyfødte.

  12. Hi Hanne... I am so Happy for you now that the cast is off... I love the Heart necklace... The preme hat is beautiful... Strawberries are so yummy... I have been eating them as well... Take ie easy and follow what the Doctor tells you ... Hugs :)


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