Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Tuesday

P1040435It has been a long time since I started a new project, and it was great to do so :-)
I am sorting through my red and green fabrics and it is a nice challenge to pick from my fabric collection only.


The preemie hat from yesterday is done.
Several nice people has asked for a pattern, but I do not have a pattern - I am making them up as I knit.
I do cast on 68 stitches, knit 2, pearl 2 for 10 rounds and after that just play with the thread.
You can do braids, lace, stripes, whatever you like, for 4" (total length) before casting off by knitting 2 and 2 stiches together until you have 8 stitches.
I use thin baby wool and 2,5 mm needles.

notionsWhy not learn to enjoy the little things -- there are so many of them.



  1. Det høres ut som om din "stash" er et uendelig skattkammer :o)
    Skulle likt om du viste noe av den engang. Jeg møter deg jo på diverse steder og da er det deilig å kjøpe litt med hjem, og det sammen blir til en del ...
    Gleder meg over å se dine vinglaskjoler - de er nydelige!

  2. We should get together Hanne as I can't use my sholder for sewing so you could work from the waist up & I'll do the waist down !! My plates are ready for sashing ...just sitting there sadly...Love the premmie hats...

  3. Tusen takk for luemønsteret. Det er forresten mye morsommere å følge med på Tour de Fibre enn Tour de France... Koser meg med hvert nye innlegg som kommer her eller hos May-Britt.

  4. Oj så mycket härligt du har fått gjort i sommar... underbara arbeten!!! Och grattis till att gipset är borta!! :o)

  5. Such lovely premie hats - I will have to give that a try. My knitting group - we never seem to have a "pattern" either but it is always nice to have an idea to go from. Glad that your cast is off! That is progress. Cheers! Evelyn


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