Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tour de Fibre - Thursday

P1040402Hand piecing is fun and relaxing :-)
These two blocks now lacks the elongated triangles to the sides, to make the blocks rectangular.

I had saved this BOM from Lappemakeriet for my foot up period, but I never got around to work on it before today.
I did finish the January blocks before, and have saved all the packets after.
I guess I should have done the packets as they arrived...... lesson learned ?....... probably not ;-)

The Tour de France was very exciting today - a Norwegian came first and another Norwegian came third !

P1040401This BOM is also very close to finished now, only lacking the applique star on the top of the Christmas tree.


There is never enough time to do everything,
but there is always enough time to do the most important things - Brian Tracy



  1. Skal si dere får ting unna! Så gøy å følge med på dere! Samtidig som jeg får med meg litt av den egentlige touren!
    Gleder meg til fortsettelsen! :-)

  2. Hanne what size diamonds are you playing with..........lovely blocks...........

  3. I am on track with these blocks.....almost :) But I know you will have them done in no time .

  4. You girls are soooo busy! I'm impressed! I've been thinking about picking up a hand piecing project... something to do while watching tv with hubby. How is your foot?


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