Friday, July 08, 2011

Tour de Fibres - Friday threads

P1040406A couple of evening hours, alone by myself, with a film of my choice on the DVD player and a glass of red on the side, the rest of the most girlish crochet blocks got the white frame,


a pleasant colour placing was found,

P1040408and the blocks was joined :-)
Now to sew in the rest of the lose threads and start the last round of white around the whole afghan.

Tour de France update - the same Norwegian still holds the yellow jersey - very exciting!



  1. Sounds good with a glass of red wine and crochet :) Love your small blocks.

  2. Those are gorgeous crochet blocks. I want to learn to do something like that one day.

  3. Your crochet blocks look great. Did you get the block pattern on line?

  4. I have made several afghans in this pattern over the years but always joined with black. I think the white is very fresh and nice.

  5. Such nimble fingers you have... And such a giving heart.....


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