Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tour de Fibre Wednesday

P1040370It is early afternoon - the Santa is dressed, the reindeer is done, all the snowflakes and stars are done too :-)
Lacking: The mini block in the middle, hearts and baubles on the Christmas tree and the star appliqué.

P1040371This beauty spent the night in our living room without us knowing. I was able to let it out in the morning, with the help of a clean glass and and piece of paper. It fluttered happily and disappeared over the roof.
Good Miss Cat was not around!

P1040374Blushing with............. I do not know....... ;-)
This BOM from Lappemakeriet has been so neglected through the spring.
I planned to do it when sitting here with my foot up, but I was not prepared for being so out of energy.
The energy is coming back and as I am still sitting here, I can do a catch up - Tour de Fibre is perfect for catch up work :-)

P1040375Time to find some tread and a hand piecing needle :-)

How is your Tour de Fibre coming along?



  1. Heia heia, dette går unna, spreke damer!

  2. You are making good progress on your Santa Quilt......

    The sewing space looks so inviting. How lovely to have a piece from your childhood.....

    Hope you are continuing to recover.


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