Monday, August 01, 2011

Slowly, slowly

P1040511Life is slowly taking form again, after what happened here in Norway 22. July.
Like a rainbow, love is shining in my country, after the big massacre.
I am so happy the bombing and massacre did not let hate grow.

All the dead are now identified - also DD2's friend Åsta.
If feels so meaningless that you and all the other bomb and shooting massacre victims are gone, Åsta, and we are thinking and talking about you daily.
Your friends from school will travel this week, across the country, to attend your memorial service and funeral on Thursday. My thoughts goes to your family and friends!

P1040564The furball does not care much about anything but food, resting and bird hunting these days, and a hero, both at night and during day time, needs her rest :-)

P1040570We have had some lovely hot summer days, and we had the pleasure of taking DMIL to visit her sister. It was good to have a hat to cover the neck in the sun - DMIL's hat that is - I am not much of a hat head :-)


DH's aunt lives by the sea, on Jeløy, and the view is great. From the upstairs veranda we can see across the Oslo fjord. This day we sat downstairs by the grass.

P1040581I tasted the cherries - they were sour,


and smelled the roses - they smelled sweet,


and the strawberries were the very best :-)

P1040592I have been spending quite a lot of time reading a thick novel this past week,
but the sewing needle have not rested either.
At first I did not like the middle block on the row 2, the one with yellow and a lot of white, but it has grown on me and I can see it adds to the quilt, even if it looks very pale.
First I decided to redo it later, but I now know I will not.


Only 2 more stars to go - and all the triangular pieces around the hexagons to make them square, or rather a tad rectangular.


Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it. ~L.M. Montgomery



  1. Dear Hanne,

    Norway is in our hearts and in our prayers; we've also included your daughter friend Asta. It is so wonderful that the kindness and forgiveness only grew because of this horrible event......
    I hope you all can enjoy your summer and count the blessings...
    love, Ria.

  2. So sorry for your daughter and her friend's family. How tragic for you all! Your mil's sister has a beautiful place... what a great place to spend some time! You have really been busy with your hexagons... can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Nydelige sommerbilder. Det er virkelig godt å kjenne at sakte, men sikkert kommer livet inn i det vante sporet igjen. Da føles det bra å fylle hender og hode med en flott hobby. Quilten kommer til å blir flott! Jeg liker fargene!

  4. Hi Hanne, I´m happy that life return to life but what happened can´t be forgotten. Life must go on. See you soon...

  5. Hello, I'm new to your blog and enjoying seeing how your stars are coming along.

    We were so saddened about Norway's massacre and praying for comfort to the victims' families.

  6. You look so cute in that hat :)

  7. Godt man kan finne glede i de små ting. Og jeg synes du kledde hatten bra jeg. Du burde bruke hatt litt oftere.

  8. I am so saddened by Norway's losses and sufferings because of this massacre. My sympathy to you and your daughter for the loss of her precious friend. Norway's outbreak of love, unity, and forgiveness is beautiful to behold -- may it spread to other nations!


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