Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

It is always good to spend time with friends, and it is good to take the first step into the life after 22. July surrounded by friends.
From sending news 24/7, both radio and TV are slowly returning to normal sending schedule, and everyday life is slowly returning in every way.


We met at May Britt's yesterday, sharing coffees, thoughts, laughs and sewing.

Tour de Fibre came to a halt on Friday, in the light of all the events in our country.
Sunday Tour de France ended, and so would Tour de Fibre have done.
We had done many stitches through our Tour, having had all kinds of stages, just like in the cycling Tour - team stages, climbing stages, speed stages and all.

May Britt and I had planned a prize for each other, and it was time to give each other the big surprise:-)


P1040542I got a beautiful glass jar filled with goodies! Am I not the luckiest girl ?
A lovely cat scissors fob, fabric, silk thread for applique, buttons, refrigerator magnet with a lovely saying. Lucky, lucky me!
The tin box with fabrics is my prize for May Britt.
Tour de Fibre with May Britt was great fun, and I am planning on doing it again - do you hear me May Britt - what about you?? :-)

P1040549Rusket took his task as quilt inspector very serious, arranging Bente's star blocks :-)

P1040552Today, after a late breakfast, it was time to go home again, and we decided on visiting Karin at Sy-Sammen (Sew-together), at Stange.


Karin's shop is filled to the ceiling with all kinds of fabrics and goodies.
She is very well stocked on fabrics, thread, rulers, patterns, books, batting and not to forget, double width backings in all colours.

P1040555May Britt is hugging her new found treasures :-)


Karin also collects vintage hand crank sewing machines. The second one from the top Karin bought from me some years back, as I had bought it, even if I had one, and I could not really fit in my house. Here is has a very good home :-)


Here are my treasures - backings, battings, a few Japanese treasures, a booklet on embroidery stitches - there are always some new to learn - and some notions.heart_thumb

Love is a fruit in season at all times,
and within the reach of every hand.

~ Mother Teresa



  1. Thanks for a great visit. It is always fun to have you here. And yes, we'll have a Tour de Fibre next year. I guess you are happy with your treasures too :)

  2. How fun is that, getting together with friends. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Once again, I'm jealous! So happy that you girls have such a sweet friendship. I've been thinking about you guys and listening to the news about the shootings. ((hugs)) How tragic!

  4. What a lovely report! It is so great to have such loving friends!

  5. Nothing better than being able to sew with good friends! It's always fun to see what you are up to.


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