Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jumps and leaps


All these days coming and going, little did I know they were life itself - Stig Johansson

heartsonstringGoals and dreams, dreams and hopes - sometimes days just pass, without making much of an impact - filled with all kinds of everyday activity.

heartsonstringThe knitting is out of here and care quilts are on a long term hold.
Through the winter I will give full focus to my own work, so to say - BOMs, kits, Wisps and other ideas :-)
I will probably not NOT sign up for any BOMs with kits in 2012, but I have some to take from here, and I have signed up for participating in a year long Stich-A-Long online.
I am looking forward to participate in this SAL, sewing from my own fabric collection :-)


The bad foot has taken a huge toll on the rest of my body this year, as I have been on 2 crutches until now, and I am have been very tired.
The surgeon did not have his best day at work back in May, and the surgical repair did not turn out to well.
The aching and damaged joint is gone (which is good), but I got some new challenges instead, the toe not touching the floor when I stand without shoes. It does affect my balance.
It did not look to bad in the beginning, when the cast was just off and the toe was quite swollen, but new challenges has surfaced since then.

I am very hesitant to try to fix the foot more, being afraid it will be even less functional after that.......

I Need and Want to be able to do the things that are important to me - like sewing, travelling and meeting fellow quilters. I can do that now, but with further foot repair, I would not know the outcome, by the looks of it.
Maybe I will get even more problems walking? Lose the rest of my right foot balance ? Be on 2 crutches for the rest of my life?

I can not take more long waiting lists either + several more weeks in a cast for an unknown outcome, unless it is a matter of "life and death"!
I hate it when my life is on hold for months on end and out of my control!

Luckily one does not need to much balance to work the sewing machine.
I can get used to the strangest things, given some time.......
Done venting - thanks for listening :-)
I Need to get over this stupid foot and move on - pun intended ;-)


What I have been up to lately in the sewing corner:

P1040861The Jelly roll half done blocks has turned into this top :-)

P1040922I will add borders shortly - just have to wash the fabrics first.


On Saturday and Sunday, May Britt and I had a sew together over MSN, finally opening this lovely kit we bought in March, from Quiltefryd.


P1040909A lot of triangles

P1040914and cutting to size

P1040924We both changed the sashing and border triangles to light fabrics, as we both found the original to dark for our taste right now.
Thanks for the company May Britt - it was fun!
Distance is no obstacle as long as there are computers and MSN :-)


This has been my grab-and-go stitchery lately. This is an old design by Bronwyn Hayes. I found it on eBay a while back. I plan to frame it - first with fabrics and then with a wooden frame. The wooden frame (Ikea) needs some painting first.

P1040901My new grab-and-go project is the stitcheries for this quilt.
The focus stitchery is nearly done - see first photo - I just need a few stitches with fill in. I can start the stars very soon.
I love my sewing machine - it has been a patient friend, waiting for me through the summer.
Now we can work as much as we want together again :-)


Siw at Quiltegården has made this wonderful kit! Siw always make the most beautiful kits. If you want one too, just give her a call :-)


Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there



  1. so sorry that your foot is still giving you trouble...but at least you are still able to most of the things that you love!
    your jelly roll quilt is lovely, as is the new ones you are working on...
    take care

  2. Hei hopp (pun intended...) - bra du er i sving igjen! Jeg syr NI...

  3. Hei Hanne!
    Så synd at operasjonen ikke ble vellykket. Skjønner godt at du må gå noen runder på om det er verdt å ta en ny sjanse! Kjempebra at det nå går an å sy på maskinen i hvertfall :)
    Lykke til videre :)
    Stor klem fra Anne

  4. Leit å høre at operasjonen ikke var helt vellykket, men er glad på dine vegne for at du holder humøret oppe og kan holde på med alle prosjektene dine. Du har fått gjort unna utrolig masse, jeg er imponert!
    Happy sewing,

  5. Wow, her var det mye lekkert. Utrolig flott blogg du har og masse fine saker du lager.

    Ha en strålende torsdag :-)
    Klemz fra Sissel

  6. Oh Hanne, I'm sorry to hear of your foot woes. I just had a fusion surgery on my ankle/heel several weeks ago. One of the things my surgeon told me was that I needed to stretch my big toe every day, or the ligaments would tighten up and he'd have to do another surgery to release it. I don't know if this is what you've experienced, but it sounds close enough that I'll be mindful of my doc's advice. I hope you are feeling better soon, and that there's some relief for you. I have complete empathy. On the other hand, you've done some marvelous and beautiful work! I always enjoy looking over your blog and the photos you share! :)

  7. Hanne, I'm so sorry to hear that your foot is not the best... but I do see you have been very busy lately. So many pretty things is going... And I'm happy that we have atleast one same project in the next 12 month, SkofW;) Looking forward to see your fabrics...

  8. Så leit å høre om opr.som ikke gav ønsket resultat. Godt å se at sylysten er der iallefall. Viktig å fokusere på det positive og ikke tenke på det negative. Stå på videre, Hanne!! Maaange flotte ting på gang her nå ser jeg, og må innrømme at flere av de frister meg....Ha en fortsatt fin uke :)

  9. Sorry to hear the surgery to your foot didn't turn out as good an outcome as you wanted....but bum foot or not you certainly do get around.Love all that you're working on,keep your chin up and enjoy the new SAL I'll be keeping an eye on the blog for this new one as I wont be able to participate due to school commitments and assignments :) Barb.

  10. Very nice your work ...
    I hope better.

  11. Oh Hanne...that foot of yours is not playing the all your show and tell...

  12. God bless you and good luck with the foot. I would be a nervous wreck!

  13. so much in this post Hanne.........welcome to the new SAL.......the foot is better in some ways but worse in others......goodluck with the decisions you make...........

  14. So sorry to hear that surgery wasn't fully successful I understand you not wanting to have any more for a unknown the pinwheels & the Jelly roll half done quilt ...& good for you no new boms next year...I am thinking about doing The Farmers Wife Quilt ....

  15. You've got some gorgeous project going!

  16. Anonymous1:53 am

    thanks for venting. i heard you. i get it. and we go on! you're the best.


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