Saturday, November 05, 2011

I have a plan!

P1040991I think it is typical for me - I feel like filling up my finish list before the end of the year.
Christmas is coming soon, and gifts are to be made too.
I have challenged myself to do as many finishes as possible through the next 2 weeks, just for fun - just to give myself a kick in the behind ;-)
Starting yesterday!

P1040992Miss Cat wanted to rest on the dinner table the other day, even if she knows it is a big No No.
She was crossed with me, brushing her off the table, and later squeezed her furry self on to the smaller table topper on the side table in the living room - where she is allowed.
Half of her did not fit on the table topper - bummer ;-))

Fast forward to today:
First finish!


We learned this 3 dimensional Bow Tie block on the guild meeting on Tuesday, and I had to give it a try with 6" squares.
This quilt is given as a care quilt through my guild today :-)
If you would like to view the instruction online it is quite similar to this, except I cut all the five squares 6", and not sewing down the red edges, to give the quilt some interest for small hands.

Second finish!
P1040997A new batch of 6 napkin rings - now I have 12 :-)
I have had questions about the instructions, but since I do not know the English abbreviations for crochet, I am not able to translate it.
I can give it to you in Norwegian, so you can fix translation yourself :-)
Google translate maybe?

Du trenger:
Plastring, heklegarn 12/3 ( eller tynnere), heklekrok nr, 1. Fyll ringen med fastmasker, 1 sm i 1. fm
1. 6 lm, hopp over 6 fm, 1 fm - gjenta til du har 7 buer
2. 9 fm rundt hver bue
3. 5 lm, 2st 3lm 2st i 5. fm, - gjenta ut omg. 1 3dbst i 1. fm forrige rad
4. 5 lm, 2st 3lm 2 st i lmbuene - gjenta ut omg. 1 3dbst i 1. st forrige rad
5. 5 lm, 2st 4lm 1fm i 2.lm 1lm (picot) 2 st i lmbue, 4 lm 1fm onkr. begge buene fra tidl. omganger, gjenta ut omg, 4 lm, 1 fm i 1. st forrige rad.

If you are a visual learner I guess you can figure out a bit from the photos too :-)


Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ~Les Brown



  1. Very nice blog with a lot of lovely things :)I like the combination of your colours :) And your cute cat :)!!
    Greetings from Berlin Claudia

  2. Da har vi samme plan! Jeg har allerede begynt... I morges laget jeg julekort, så dro jeg til Sortland og sju KJØPTE julegaver ble med hjem, og nå sløver jeg i sofaen med min k j æ r e....

  3. Nydelige serviettringer!
    De minner veldig om noen jeg har som bestemor heklet for mange år siden :)

  4. Miss Cat knows how to get what she wants :-)

  5. God plan ;-)
    Bow tie'n er kjempefin.
    Artig med katter, hvordan de klarer å se skikkelig foruretta ut...

  6. Først må jeg bare si at du har en vakker katt. Hun er virkelig en katter etter min smak. Hun legger seg der hun finner det for godt, så får regler være regler...hehehe...Vi har to katter på 9 kilo hver og de gjør nøyaktig det samme. HÆRLIG!!!
    Du lager utrolig mye fint og flink til å sette sammen farger.

    Ha en kreativ søndag.

  7. I love your plan and your cat...!
    Your crochet is wonderful!!!

  8. takk for oppskrifta på serviettringene, da gjenstår bare det store spørsmålet, hvor får man tak i slike ringer.

  9. Thank you for your crochet instructions. Due to the abbreviations there unfortunately is no possibility to translate it from Norwegian to French, Spanish, Italian, English or German (the languages I'd understand). But I fixed the text and hopefully will find someone who can help me further.
    Have a good time!
    Hilsen, Barbara


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