Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This and that - again :-)

P1040952Me and my body has not been playing to well together lately, so the arm movements has been small, as well as my stitches.

This is a pram quilt for my grand-nephew :-)


I was working on the binding up to right before Baby J received his gift.
It was not a last minute plan, but it turned out to be last minute stitches anyway ;-)

P1040982The quilt has now been slept under - on his grandma's couch and in his pram :-)



The stitchery for the before mentioned star quilt is done - here rinsed, but not yet pressed.


I had to give up knitting recently, due to my bad neck, but I had to give crochet a try again, and it went well (and was fun).
A new scarf - I found the pattern online -

P1040957and a matching hat - which I made myself with elements from the scarf, invented as I went along.

A set of napkin rings was fun to make too.

P1040968I made dozens of these for sale when I was about 10 years old, and have kept one, from which I could count a pattern.


True silence is the rest of the mind;
it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body,
nourishment and refreshment.
~William Penn



  1. Nydelege arbeid! Håpar du og kroppen snart vil samarbeide som før!

  2. Så mye flott du hadde å vise frem i dag :o) Babyteppet og baby'en er begge aldeles skjønne!

  3. When you were 10 years old??? wow, you were talented at such a young age. I love the napkin rings! Looks like you have been able to stay busy, even with your body not wanting to cooperate. Love the baby blanket and your other goodies!!

  4. So sweet -- and your grand-nephew is just darling! Hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  5. Kjempelekkert barneteppe til en nusselig liten ny en :-)
    Håper du snart er bra i armen din igjen. God bedring!

  6. Hi Hanne... What a lovely quilt for baby J... I am fond of the stitchery and the colors you choose.... The hat you made is lovely and very creative... I also love the napkin rings... I can't believe you were crocheting at 10... Good for you... You are very creative.. Love your work.. Hugs :)

  7. lounapatch5:24 pm

    it is beautiful.

  8. Nydelig teppe, Hanne - og perfekt til den lille nydelige gutten :-)

  9. Du tar pusten fra en stakkar som bare har et par snaue ettermiddagstimer til rådighet foran symaskinen. Nå har jeg gjort klar kveldens sofasying...

  10. Så mange flotte ting! Aller best likte jeg babyteppe. Flotte farger sammen! Hilsen Siri:-)

  11. That is a very cute bear stitchery. You are always doing some kind of good embroidery.

  12. Seeing your sweet napkin rings I totally felt in love with them. Is it perhaps possible that you're revealing the secret of this pattern?? I haven't done any crocheting for years, but I'd like to do those napkin rings. Thanking you in advance, I'm wishing you a wonderful day!

  13. Dear Hanne,

    I just love your scarf and hat - I look forward to accidentally meet you and see it in use :O)

  14. Du verden, så mye flott du lager. Sovende baby under en quilt, ja det er et nydelig syn.

    Ha en kreativ og fin torsdag.

  15. Hola Hanne!
    Preciosa la colcha del bebé, las telas son ideales...
    Me encanta tu trabajo a crochet, saludos!

  16. Hei. Falt sånn for skjerfet:) Kan du gi meg et hint på hvor du fant mønsteret?

  17. Utrolig herlig babyteppe - kjempekoselige farver

  18. Birdhouse Ted, looks great made into a quilt for a baby :) Best wishes


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