Sunday, December 11, 2011

3rd Advent Sunday


Miss Cat was enjoying "cat TV" on broad screen, also known as the living room window, watching the birds in the trees.
She made funny noises too, nearly like a frog  :-)

P1050188 Secrecy season -  I can not show you what I am working on, but I can share my calendar gifts.

P1050190 Thank you, May Britt and Bente :-)

P1050192Hearts is the theme in the sewing corner this weekend, and I was so lucky finding a zip lock bag with pre cut hearts from the long gone shop Lille Stasjon in May Britt's town Elverum.
The shop was sold a couple of years back, and it has got a new name, a new staff, a new location and a new style.
It was nostalgic to work with these hearts, reminiscing the old shop and the lovely, skilled ladies working there.


We light three candles tonight
For longing, hope and joy.
They stands there shining by themselves
and we who present are
We light three candles tonight
for longing, hope and joy.



  1. Love your kitty! I have a calico who chatters like a raccoon when she is on a mission for a bug or a bird.

  2. Adventstiden er så flott og jeg koser meg.

    Ja det var tider det da man kunne gå på quiltebutikken og få seg en kopp kaffe mens man storkoste seg med å finne stoffer som passet sammen.

  3. Noen ganger er kattens liv helt fortreffelig. Ønsker deg en god førjuøstid:-)

  4. Hei .
    Jammen koselig å se at gamle "skatter" Lurer på om ikke jeg har noen hjerter i mine gjemmer også.
    Ha en flott dag. Klem :-)

  5. Todo muy bonito, las fotos son preciosas.
    Gracias por tu simpatía y tus palabras.
    ¡Feliz Navidad!

    (Glade jul!!!)?

    ( Mucho Gracias ? )Muchas Gracias


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