Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lose ends and a small finish

P1050471I have done a lot of hand work this week, and a lot of small stitches by hand.
I have enjoyed doing a lot of needleturn applique, and it is getting more and more fun, the more I do it.
Little did I expect to enjoy needleturn applique this much :-)

It has been cold outdoor, and nothing is better than hand sewing, a lit candle and gallons of hot tea (or coffee) :-)

P1050474Some of my friends have recently "outed" their Ufos and Wisps - not me, no, never!
Most of them are "hiding" behind my movable design wall though.
On my design wall are the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt in the making, and the blocks on row 2 (January and February) are ready to be joined :-)

P1050476This lovely stitchery I got from May Britt in my Advent calendar.
It has given me many good morning moments, and now it is done.
I have a plan for how to frame it, but that will not be done before autumn I guess.

P1050478It was time to give in to a new project, and I am doing it with a small group of lovely stitchers.
Grethe invited me, and I can not resist a good temptation every now and then :-)

As I am joining at a late moment, the others have already done the first block.
Please check Ulla's blog and her right sidebar if you want to check the other participants progress.

P1050449The little bear was happy to model for another preemie afghan done - this time the purple one.
Marianne could deliver them for me at the hospital.
Now - crochet break for a while.



It isn't what you have, or who you are,
or where you are, or what you are doing
that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.
Dale Carnegie



  1. Nydelige ting som vanlig, Hanne. Gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen på disse prosjektene ( også ble jeg enda litt mer inspirert til å starte på Some Kind of Wonderful..., får se om jeg klarer å holde meg unna...)

  2. Lovely work. Lovely quote. Lovely post.

    I like needleturn applique because it is so much like embroidery!


  3. So much progress on many projects! You will catch up on us in no time wiht SC.

  4. You have been very busy,love the christmas stitchery and the premie blankets :) Barb.

  5. What a lovely stitchery . . . I think you should give some UFOs their privacy, but it's nice to bring them out from time to time, too.

    Can you tell me, what are you stitching on for your Scandinavian Christmas? I have the patterns, but am yet to begin. I plan to work on linen which is too dark to see through to mark out the cross stitch border. Your method looks very interesting.

    Regards, Sue

  6. good progress on your SAL blocks........

  7. SKOW blokkene dine er nydelige Hanne! Og snømannstitcheriet er kjempekoselig, gleder meg til å se fortsettelsen på denne :-) Lynette sine reinsdyr ser kjempefine ut også- kos deg med fortsettelsen :-)

  8. Så mye du har på gang. Jeg roter frem ufo'er, og så fikk jeg en ide fra en venninne. Hun trengte noe til å ha rettepenna/rødpenna i. Hun er lærer som meg, så det var en lur ting.. Jeg har sydd 12 av slaget.

  9. Jeg må jo bare si at jeg beundrer ditt syverk her. LEKKERT!!!! Jeg er nok ikke noe flink med nål og tråd, derfor må maskina mi gjøre det meste av jobben gitt :-)

  10. I'm with you! I'm not going to reveal my UFO pile. :-)


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