Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday progress

Today we have Mother's Day here in Norway, and I got these lovely flowers from my dear daughters and their father, Mother's Day and Valentine's gift combined :-)
I have talked to both my daughters on the phone, as they live far from me at the moment.
It is good to hear their voices!


I have finished row 2 on the Some Kind of Wonderful quilt - row 1 yet to be finished.



I have also enjoyed doing cross stitches on the Scandinavian Christmas block 1 today :-)


A mother's treasure are her daughters.
Catherine Pulsifer



  1. Happy Mothers day to you Hanne, your flowers are just are doing a great job on your blocks...they look so good..

  2. Hi Hanne.. What lovely flowers... Happy Mother's Day and Valentine's Day as well... I quilt you are working on looks it will be wonderful.. I love the stare of you embroidery... Hugs :)

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day, and Valentine's Day. Your quilt is so pretty too

  4. Your roses are beautiful! Hope your day was as special as you.

  5. Hanne, a very happy Mother's Day to you. I agree, daughters are good value, I have 2 myself. It is not Mpothers Day here until May. Love the blocks you have made.

  6. your working so well with your SAL quilt........nice that you got to talk to your daughters.......

  7. Happy Mother's day! Your quilt looks very nice, I like the unusual shape of the blocks. Well done with SC; are you stitching through something that will be later removed?

  8. Gorgeous flowers, Hanne. Daughters are so special... well, children are!
    Can't wait to see more of your Scandinavian Christmas quilt -- that is part of my heritage too and i am so sorry I didn't sign up for it. I will watch the progress on yours and cheer you on!
    Happy Mother's Day and Happy Valentine's Day.
    cyn; -)

  9. Love both projects. SKOW quilt is a discovery for me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Flott bukett blomster, og flott bukett med blokker :-) Teppet ditt kommer til å bli kjempeflott!


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