Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blogging backwards


This spring has been so busy with a lot of things going on, both in the sewing corner and in life in general.
Blogging has unintentionally been on the back burner, so I have decided to blog a little backwards :-)

Last weekend of May, DH and I went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with some friends.
Amsterdam is a lovely town, with a lot to see and experience, and even if DH and I have visited before, we have decided we will go there again some day!

Amsterdam has a lovely quilt shop, and it was on the visit plan for the first day!
Den Haan & Wagenmakers is filled to the brim with inspiration, fabrics and quilts.


My travel company was placed on a pavement restaurant enjoying a glass of beer while I enjoyed the quilt shop. You can see them through the window from the shop's upper storey.

P1060433P1060431The shop makes lovely kits and they have a good selection of Dutch reproduction chintz fabrics. They are very shiny, but I do love the prints.

I was so lucky to have the very best chat and a lovely time with Elsbeth, who works in the shop :-)
She is a lovely lady and a very skilled quilter - please visit her blog!
Elsbeth told me how (not) to treat the chintz fabrics, to keep the shine.
As said before - I LOVE the prints, the shine not so much……. and they are hard to hand piece when unwashed.
I hope you are not to crossed with me for doing the opposite Elsbeth!
Maybe I should duck and run now ??………… ;-)




Last - my fabric treasures from the shop, all the Dutch reproduction fabrics.:-)
I did buy some acrylic templates too. I do have a plan, but it is a little early to reveal it yet!


If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
- Katharine Hepburn.



  1. Flott butikk i Amsterdam, spennende stoffer du har kjøpt. Noe spesielt i tankene?

  2. What a great shop this is!!! Love al of your pictures and I sure am very interested what you are making with those gorgeous chintz!!! ;)

  3. Oh Hanne, thanks for posting. I LOVE Den Hagen. Next time send your family to the Heineken Experience. I never laughed so hard from the digital postcard my men made there. All the quilt pictures are so yummy! Now I have a new scrappy quilt on my MIND list. The quilt with rows and rows of flying geese. AND I will live by the Katherine Hepburn quote!

  4. Think I have to go there with you next time. Looks like a wonderful quiltshop.

  5. Such gorgeous quilts and inspiration!

  6. Så flott med Amsterdam tur, og perfekt med egen øl-fortausrestaurant for medreisende iså nært quiltebutikken!

  7. Hi Hanne, big surprise to see so many pictures of our shop! Looking closer I see a lot of 'junk'...hmm, have to remove that ironboard..haha! No, just joking ;-) It was a great pleasure to meet you, you are an inspiring person! And I am véry curious what you will do with the fabrics!! love, Elsbeth

  8. Hi Hanne, a pity we didn't meet. I work there part time. I am a collegue of Elsbeth. What a lovely pictures you made of the shop.

  9. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photographs!
    Lots of beautiful quilts.
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with those gorgeous fabrics.

  10. What a great shop! Thanks for sharing the photos from your visit. I look forward to your secret project being revealed.

  11. A wonderful quiltshop, gorgeous quilts and your fabric...
    My best wishes!

  12. What a wonderful shop! All the quilts are stunning, and some with so many little pieces!

  13. Så mange nydelige ting, denne butikken på på listen over steder jeg skal besøke. Takk for tips og fine bilder.

  14. Thanks for the show of the beautiful quilts in the quiltshop.
    I have been there several times when I lived in the Netherlands.
    I also made a quilt from those chinz fabrics, hand stitched and hand quilted:)

  15. Anonymous10:41 am

    So nice to see the pictures of this (for me) familiar shop: it's a lovely quiltshop, and Elsbeth is very friendly (and her collegues as well) I'm glad you've enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands.


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