Friday, June 22, 2012

This & That

P1060613I am having fun with my flowers, and the pile is slowly growing.
Now I need to prep some more hexagons before I can continue.

P1060614My local hobby / knit / quilt shop is changing owner August 1st, and the current owner is selling out everything in the shop.

The sale started with 30 % off May 1st, then went on to 50 % off, and now it is 70 % off.
Many beautiful meters have moved into my sewing room - enough for both borders and backings.

If  you live not to far from me, run for a visit and make a bargain you too, before the door closes in 8 days.

Quilt fabrics are expensive here, and at 70 % off, 1 meter is approximately 8 US dollars. 1 meter = approx. 1,1 yard.

Did I mention May Britt visited me ( and the shop ) yesterday ? :-)


A smile is a light in the window of the soul,
indicating that the heart is at home.



  1. So glad I could join you shopping yesterday. I am still smiling from ear to ear over my treasures :)

  2. så fine heksagoner, hvor er butikken?

  3. ååååå, så masse flott du fikk handlet....!!...
    Men nå er det vell ikke stort igjen etter at både du og May Britt har vært der...

    Men du..?.. var det bare B`er der da..??...;)


  4. Last year my local fabric shop closed and had a similar sale going down to 70 % off prices, and I filled my stash for backings too. Your normal prices must be so high that it hurts, so you better make of use the bargain prices!

  5. Bargains are always good, and it's also good that the store is just changing owners instead of going out of business. That is quite expensive at 70% off, though. However, we do what we have to do, don't we?

  6. Godt du også fikk tak i noen skatter på salget...
    Flotte blomster du har sydd!

  7. The big sale sounds fun. Glad you found some stuff you like.
    Your hexie flowers are really looking good. Can't wait to see how you set them together.

  8. Mange skatter du fikk tak i der, Hanne. Gleder meg til å se hexagonene sydd sammen til en topp.


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