Friday, June 29, 2012

A girl can not have to many of these!

P1060627Since DD2 moved home again after being in New York for 9 months,
we do again feel that the house is not very big.
We all need to be considerate about where we put our things, to not make the rooms to messy.
DD2 needed a toiletry purse that could work as a part of the bathroom decoration.
I was inspired by May Britt's toiletry purses.

P1060632A girl can not have to many  zipped purses or drawstring purses!

I have made several for all the members of my family and for myself,
and I am using mine all the time -for sewing stuff, for makeup, for all kinds of necessities,
at home and on the road.

If you look in my daily purse, you will always find more than one.


Do not be surprised if you see me with one of these on my arm too, for my sewing.
May Britt has a challenge going on - if you are quick, you can enter your drawstring purses and other purses too :-)

P1060630DD1 forgot some of her makeup at home last time she visited, but since it is stored in one of these cute drawstring purses,made by yours truly, it has been a part of the bathroom decoration since she left. She will be home to get her makeup shortly :-)

PS. Did I mention I do NOT like plastic bags in my sewing room at all………..

The best things in life are quilted!



  1. Of course we need A LOT of these purses. They are great to store everything :)

  2. Gorgeous purses/totes. I love them too. They make wonderful and quick giftys for sewing friends.

  3. Lovely Hanne..and I agree....

  4. Great purses. They reallty are a lot of fun to make, and right they add to the decor!

  5. You have some very cute pouches. I agree we can never have too many.

  6. For noen nydelige toalettmapper og poser du har laget!! Lekre;)

  7. Lovely purses; yes - we all need them always!! Looking forward to the TdF ... and my own TdF :-)


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