Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let the fun commence! Tour de Fibre 2012


Tour de France on the television and Tour de Fibre in the quilt corner!
Today is the Prologue of the Tour, and I have made it my prologue as well,
clearing the sewing table for the Tour de Fibre :-)


Definition of PROLOGUE

1 : the preface or introduction to a literary work
2a: a speech often in verse addressed to the audience by an actor at the beginning of a play b: the actor speaking such a prologue
3: an introductory or preceding event or development

It has been said that a cluttered sewing room is a sign of a creative mind in work.
I must admit that clutter does not cut it for me when being creative, even if it can be a bit messy when I am working.
I HAD to de-clutter and clean my space in order to give my best during the Tour.

Edvald Boasson Hagen from Norway came in 5. place in France - I came in 1. here in the quilt corner :-)


Magisk Lykke = Magical happiness or Magical luck
These cute buttons were hid on my desk - now they are in my button box, but they got me thinking what gives me magical happiness - not a bad way to start the Tour de Fibre :-)


I had picked 4 focus projects to work on during the Tour, but this morning I read up on what I did in 2011, and realised that the quilt I was working on then still is without binding, so that will be my first project.


Last year I had my right foot in a cast, but I was able to do these Dresden flowers :-)


I am looking forward to both the Tour de France and the Tour de Fibre, and I hope you will enjoy spending time with May Britt, me and all the other participants.
 always believeHanne


  1. Now we are on the roll with Tour de Fibre. Have to clear up my sewingroom space tomorrow :)

  2. I missed the Prologue on TV but made preparations to start my TdF tomorrow. Thank you for the invitation!

  3. I will cheer every day for you, participants of the Tour de Fibre!! I love the idea..but I don't have the time. Never mind, enjoy watching too :-)

  4. I will join you Hanne on the Tour. Off to do my blog post

  5. My sewing room was tidied last week so I am ahead :) I sat last night & did some quilting on my Snowball quilt & today at work I got 4 berries sewn on a block from Flowerdale in my break .....let the fun begin

  6. Lykke til med Touren både med sykel og med nål&tråd. Her blir det ferie vekk fra TV kroken, så det blir ikke mye tour de france på meg. Kanskje litt mer nål og tråd.

  7. Å ,har de startet alt !!! Ja,ja, jeg er så vidt i gang; leeenge til jeg skal i mål?
    God tour for deg også, Hanne :0)

  8. Lykke til med touren!

    Jeg titter nok innom iblant.

  9. What a great challenge. I have 3 big quilts "on the go" at the moment.

    Could you email your address to me please Hanne?

    Best Wishes,

  10. I may not watch the Tour on the TV that often, but I feel like participating in the Tour the Fibre :). I will make a post in my blog Siritullerusk later today!

  11. Sånn da er jeg igang også! Heia Edvald!
    Hilsen Kirsten


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