Sunday, July 01, 2012

Tour de Fibre 2012 - 1st stage


I have picked 4 focus projects for the Tour de Fibre:

Some Kind of Wonderful BOM - with the SAL blog. I am behind, but I will be done at the set deadline.

Scandinavian Christmas BOM - also behind - will do my best to hit the deadline in 1 month!

A Christmas project with a deadline at the end of this month - I am not at liberty to blog about it. You just have to take my word for daily progress.

Last, I am picking projects here and there in my sewing corner, so I can manage to keep focus on the other 3 without being bored.
Right now it is the quilt for which I made blocks last summer, with my foot in a cast.
I started the blocks during Tour de Fibre last year, and I will finish it this year - not bad ;-)


My plan is to take 2 hours turns on these projects!
I am soon out of the house to celebrate my lovely dear mother in law's 87th birthday.
Will sew more later.

Here is my first Tour de Fibre post from 2011 :-)




  1. Love the binding you have chosen for your quilt. Good luck on all your projects :)

  2. Good luck with all those projects!

  3. Basket full of pretties. I could live in that basket! :)

  4. good to see your SKofW SAL in the basket too...........I wished we had the Tour de France during the day is wonderful to see the country side in the telecast......

  5. This is looking lovely Hanne

  6. I love the dresden plate quilt that you are making. Looks like you will have it finished very soon.
    I would like to join your Tour de Fibre and am working on my SKOW quilt. Will do a post on it later this week.
    Happy Birthday to your mother in law.


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