Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tour de Fibre - Day 21 - Tour de Quilt Shop

001This morning we decided to do a Tour de Quilt Shop trip to Flisa, May Britt's home village, half an hour from where May Britt lives.
None of us have ever visited the new shop Kreative Ingema before, and it was a real treat!
The selection of fabrics, notions and patterns are very good, and the service is really good!
She even opened the store for us, even if it was not open today!

002003004008010Inger Marie has made many nice models.

005Inger Marie is also teaching her adorable grand children - check the very cute purse - goes perfectly with a very cute young girl!


We had to sort our purchases when we came home, out in the sun - mine to the left, May Britt's to the right.


019Absolutely cat approved :-)


Info and map, in Norwegian. I will definitively be back!


We have actually spent the whole day outdoors, in the sun or under a quilt when the sun disappeared every now and then. It is so good for both body and soul :-)


Friendly makes sales –
and friendly generates repeat business.
Jeffrey Gitomer



  1. Wow,a new shoop just around the corner... Love it. Great buyings :-))

  2. Hvilken flott butikk - herlige stoffer dere har kjøpt :o)
    Ha fortsatt en riktig fin helg !

  3. Friends, beautiful weather, good food and quilting - what more could you ask for!

  4. I love the combination of reds, browns and blue/grey colours. Finding a new quiltshop is like Christmas! What a lovely looking shop too. There appears to be many quiltshops around you-- all with lovely displays.

  5. Finding a new quilt shop feels great, and yours looks like a very good one. You are having a great day!

  6. What a lovely array of fabric in the shop. Your day sounds perfect to me.


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