Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tour de Fibre - day 3

P1060580Remember the place mats I made for my sister in law a couple of weeks back ?


The dark green fabrics went very well with the cabin and the surrounding trees .
We had our coffee and enjoyed the wildlife. This little one did not mind us watching.

P1060659Together we found that 10 is a good number for placemats for their cabin, and my brother in law's birthday is coming up shortly. I am done with the 4-patches, and am ready to join them into tops.

To be absolutely honest - today I am working on my secret project. No photos!

My friend Hilde is working away on her Tour projects -  she has no blog.
Another friend is doing like me - working on something secret she can not blog about.
Lot of Tour pedalling going on in different sewing rooms :-)


DD2 and I am out of the door in a few minutes - off to movies to see Ice Age 4!



Happiness is a complex path
that becomes easy only as we walk it.

Andrea Polard



  1. Lovely working Hanne. Your squirrel is so cute! Very Nutkin. :-) I have finished the 1st of my 4 Tour projects!!! Relieved as the others are HUGE!

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to spend some time :) Barb.

  3. Hanne, I love the place mats and the colors... The Dresden "Wonderful"

  4. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Hi Hanne
    I like your idea of a Tour de Fibre to watch the Tour de France.

    My only problem is that, here in Australia, we don't get to see the cycling on TV until 10pm each day. If we can stay awake, we see the stage winner cross the line at about 2am.

    In theory, this should mean that I would get an extra 6 hours for stitching each day, but I am usually so tired that I stab myself with the needle or stitch a crooked line.

  5. Liker så godt disse brikkene, det enkle er ofte det peneste.


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