Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tour de Fibre withdrawal :-)

P1060767The 3 Tour de Fibre weeks was busy and fun, but I must admit I forgot about my brother in law's upcoming birthday and my promise to make him a set of placemats.

He celebrated his birthday on Monday, and I had all the placemats already quilted, but had not sewn down the bindings.

Therefore he got the first finished placemats and a gift card for the last 5 :-)

P1060768All of them are done as of yesterday, and they are ready to be given to him as soon as we meet!
Remember I made 4 placemats for my sister in law - see here.
Total I have made 10 placemats, as that is the number my sister in law liked the best.

None of the 10 looks exactly the same - I mixed and matched green 4-patches with a smile :-)
I kept the binding the same on all 10 though. It was FUN and they do look GOOD!
I think I need new placemats too……. blue :-)



People don't notice whether it's winter or summer
when they're happy.
~Anton Chekhov

Stay tuned for more fun later today……………..



  1. Your placemats came out very nice, I get very inspired when I see them.
    It eas nice to be part of TdF I got a lot done.

  2. Deadlines are sometimes good, they help me finish projects, but if you forget all about it, a gift card is the best solution! The placemats look very nice.

  3. Well done Hanne they look like a co-ordinating set. It can be so easy to forget birthdays when you have so many other things on the go.

  4. It is so nice placemats. And a lot of bindings to do out in the sun.

  5. Lovely birthday gift!!!


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