Friday, October 12, 2012

Mo i Rana–a quick note from the north :-)


I am visiting up in the northern parts of Norway, in the lovely little town Mo i Rana, bringing my Dear Jane and my Nearly Insane quilt to teach and to inspire.
As you see, the weather is on our side, and the crips autumn air was good for a walk. Britt took me sightseeing, and it was a pleasure!
This stone man monument was a feast for the eyes, combined with the lovely scenery.


We walked the old part of town, where you are not allowed to change anything on the old buildings, like a living museum, and still a very present and significant part of Norwegian culture and near history.

P1070188P1070189P1070190P1070191We also had the pleasure of visiting the local quilt and yarn store.
It is well stocked in every way, both fabrics and notions, not to forget expertise.
The local shops are priceless – we both want and need them :-)


P1070183 P1070182 P1070185

Any knitters out there – this is a neat idea for you dish washer liquid bottle, don’t you think ?


Your travelling reporter in the north -


  1. Kos deg, ikke mye som slår nordnorge i vakkert vær.

  2. Thank you for the tour. The statue is wonderful. The water reminds me a little bit of Lake Superior along the rocky shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Lovely, Hanne.

  3. Beautiful place and beautiful photos. You are a lucky lady. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your photos. What a cute shop.....I'm sure you bought some souvenirs.

  5. What a lovely place-- looks very peaceful.The houses are colourful and I am glad there is a conservation order on them-- they are unique.
    The shop looks very welcoming-- the orange/red coloured fabrics look like my favourite colours!

  6. Those photos are so lovely. Very calmimg. You have a beautiful country and it is good that some of your heritage is preserved so well. I only wish we could preserve ours here in Australia despite being such a young country.
    LOve the quilt shop too.

  7. Stunning scenery & so so different from ours here in Aus Hope you had a great weekend teaching :)

  8. Such gorgeous photos of a wonderful trip! Enjoy!

  9. Flotte naturbilder av en vakker del av Norge! Og så fin stoff butikk i tillegg :-)

  10. Såå koselig og gå på kurs med deg Hanne, vi er superinspirert alle sammen. Har aldri trodd jeg skulle kose meg så veldig med så mange pittepittesmå tøybiter :)) Britt (nearly insane, hehe)

  11. Jag som var i Mo i Rana för några år sedan, inte visste jag att det finns en quiltbutik där. Vilken miss.

  12. What a beautiful place to visit. That 1st pic is stunning with its serenity.

    What a gem of a LQS too. I like the top the lady is wearing- very practical and pretty.

  13. So peaceful and beautiful. Love to armchair travel. Thank you. PS Hope you're DH is doing well.

  14. Hei Hanne - ser du hadde en flott helg! Butikken ser lekker ut - noen nyfrelste janere ble det nok ;-)
    Takk for titten!


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