Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A lot of sewing going on

P1070259I am prepping for classes, both English paper piecing and traditional hand piecing.
Which is my favourite you may ask, and the answer is: Both :-)

P1070268I have also participated in a group project with friends, to warm one of our friends.
It was a secret quilt with a very short time limit and a lot of work, but it was also very rewarding and very emotional for everyone involved.
We ended up with a big quilt.
I will not show you the whole quilt, for a lot of reasons – maybe sometimes in the future…


P10702611700 inches of fabric is quite a pile.
You might remember I have made one of these string quilts before, and with 2 special birthdays coming up, it was time to finish the blue quilt for J, 1 year old, and big sister L, 4 years old.
The consept is originally made for 2 jelly rolls, but I have been cutting from my fabric collection for both quilts, and I have been having a ball!


Cat approved :-)




Winter is definitively here, with sleth and snow and rain.
Miss Cat does not enjoy the great outdoors as much as before, and she is sleeping a lot indoors.
Lately she has enjoyed sleeping behind (and around) my computer, sometimes with her paws on the keyboard. You can see her paws are ready for the cold weather, with a lot of fur between her toes, for insulation.


Today it was dark before 4 pm, and it is perfect to light candles and do hand sewing and stitchery. The piles of both hexagon blocks and stitchery blocks are growing steadily :-)




  1. Det er alltid mye sying på gang hos deg - derfor er det artig å stikke innom også :o) Flotte blokker og aldeles nydelig pus....du vet jeg er svak for hårballer !

  2. Beautiful projects you have been working on. Miss Cat looks decidedly settled in for the winter.

  3. Love all those projects you have on the go and the lovely strip quilts, especially the blue one. I hope your cat is feeling warm laying next to the keyboard and you. My cat sits upright in between the screen and keyboard so I can't see anything when he wants to be fed. Is that smart or what?

  4. every time I read your blog I'm just amazed! You are making so many beautiful things. I just love the hexagons....maybe because of simple reason, I'm also working with hexagon hand-papier piercing - I must admit, it is so relaxing!

  5. Beautiful work.
    And your cat is so lovely.
    LG Grit

  6. I love all of your beautiful work! May and you have been a great inspiration.

  7. Hello Hanne,

    you have a great blog.
    I'm your new follower.

    The red and blue quilt are so beautiful.

    Best wishes Manuela

  8. What a wonderful way to use up fabric strings. I love your quilts. :-)

  9. Her var det mye fint og inspirerende


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