Thursday, December 06, 2012

Advent catch up

P1070438It has been a busy week, so i am doing a bit of catch up.
For several years May Britt and I have given each other an Advent Sunday Calendar.
This year no exception, other than I found that the calendar I received had 8 packets.
How exciting!

P1070439First # 1, on Sunday.
May Britt knows I love lighting candles. I do it every day, several times a day, both in the early mornings and in the evenings.
I got a beautiful match box and 4 tea candles, all hand decorated by May Britt.
Thank you very much  You do beautiful work!

The beautiful Advent table runner you see was my 50th birthday gift from my favourite aunt, who has taught me a lot about needle art and craft since I was a little girl.


P1070453I have Advent candles on the dining table,

P1070454and on the coffee table :-)


Packet # 1 1/2, to be opened 5th December.

P1070490Applique kits for 3 snowmen!
3 times thank you, May Britt! This will be a fun project to do with you.

I think great minds thinks alike – I made May Britt a Do-it-yourself-and-have-fun calendar too!


Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy
It stands there shining by itself
and we who present are
Tonight we light one candle
we light it for joy.



  1. Guess we had the same idea doing something special this advent. Enjoy sewing your snowmen

  2. Que bonitos trabajos tienes, me he hecho seguidora tuya y te visitare de vez en cuando,te invito a que pases por mi blog cuando kieras.besos

  3. Så koselig!
    Ha en fin førjulstid :-)

  4. So many lovely things, Have fun with the snow men.

  5. Så fint det er hos deg med vakker duk og løper :-) Kos deg fortsatt i adventstiden!


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