Thursday, December 06, 2012

Purchases at Jule-Expo

P1070480I did not buy the tunic nor the jewellery, but the the tool to make this dress and more clothes in the future.
Denim was not the wisest choice for this dress, as it is not straight in the sides and denim is fairly stiff and does not have much give, and I can need a little more give for comfort,  but I had a lot of fun sewing it, and it will look good over something not so heavy in spring.

I love the pattern and will make more dresses in more stretchy fabrics – have fabrics, will have to look for more time.
If you have a couple of hours I can use every now and then, please let me know ;-)

I had a good tutorial in the serger shop on Tuesday (included in the purchase – got a 2,5 hours one-to-one), and me and the serger are bonding well – now I know how to do the seams I need right now – straight seam, curve, inner pivot and more.

I have been wanting a serger for 25 years – now I have one :-)



From Quiltegården I bought 2 patterns and 3 x 30 cm of fabric, and from a Swedish alpaca store I bought these 2 skeins of alpaca wool.
I have plans for all of my purchases :-)) I bet you did not wonder about that at all ;-)




  1. I know you will have fun with your new toy :)

  2. Jaha, du kjøpte en du også! Min står og venter på at jeg skal hente den hos datteren i Rælingen. Gleder meg som en unge til å lære meg å bruke den :-)

  3. Den kjolen så fin ut:) Skulle ønske jeg snart klarte å sy klær, men jeg er ikke kommet så langt enda:)

  4. Lovely purchases. I am waiting on the Floral Beauty pattern to arrive, and am tempted to get the other one too. Have fun sewing.....and let me know if you find extra hours.


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