Friday, January 25, 2013

I am in this for the fun– doing a 90 degree turn

P1070677I am in this for the fun – so simple and yet so complicated, sometimes.
I am in this for creativity, the good feel of fabrics, the joy of colours, for inspiration, for friendships, for laughter, for blogging.

P1070674Over the last 12+ months I have been doing paid sewing work in the quilt corner, sewing for a designer who publishes in magazines.
I have had deadlines every 2 months, and I have had to keep secrets. When the magazines are published I have not felt like sharing here on the blog, as the projects are done months ago, and I have been done with them.
My own projects, like the ones above, have been so on the back burner, and the blogging has not been up to full speed lately either.

If  you know me in person or if you have paid close attention to some photos here on the blog, you know that I have physical challenges, and lately I have really hit the wall, hard, nose first, when it comes to doing work for others. It is physically draining for me, and not a source of energy.

I am so ready to go back to doing my own projects, which gives me energy, hanging with friends, which gives me energy and just do “nothing”, like hand piecing and stitchery in my own tempo, without deadlines, which also gives me energy.

I also enjoy teaching, and will do that every now and then :-)
The table runner and pin cushion on the top photo will travel with me tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to teach hand piecing!
May Britt is coming here today, and we will both be teaching at the same place tomorrow.
I am doing a happy dance here – it will be a lot of fun :-)

The paid work has been machine work, and it is taking a high toll on my neck. Even if I do workouts twice a week + physiotherapy, it does not balance at the end of the day.

I have therefore handed in my resignation, even if it was not easy, as me and the designer have had fun times together too.
My body is not just set to do deadline work regularly, and I have to get my priorities right, right?


I am inspired by my books too!
I am inspired to do more blocks, more my own creations, more Dear Jane, more applique, more hand piecing, more stitchery, in my own tempo.
I am looking forward to travel, meet friends near and far, share my crazy ideas with you, in real life and on the blog.

Sewing for someone else was like taking a step into the big unknown.
It did not work for me, but it might work ever so well for someone else. I took a chance and I now take a 90 degree turn, to find my way back to my own path – that is all that there is to it really………….




  1. Enjoy your visit with May Britt and I hope you feel better soon! xx debbie

  2. It's all part of the journey. I wish you luck and lots of sewing for fun, enjoy your 90 degree turn. X

  3. Have fun with your 90 degree turn around,sometimes you need to try something to realise it's not for you and be wise enough to know it and do something about it.
    I hope you enjoy the freedom from the pressure to perform and can fully relax with your own stitching,have fun with May Britt :) Barb.

  4. Håper du kommer raskt til hektene igjen. Hobby skal være lystbetont og uten tidsfrister. Ha en riktig fin helg sammen med MayBritt og undervisning. :-)

  5. Man har det best med sine helseplager, når man bestemmer farta og oppgavene selv. Da blomstrer kreativiteten. Trivsel og helse er viktigst.Når man har tatt en beslutning, faller ofte ting på plass og man senker skuldrene. Kroppen vet hva den vil ha. God bedring.

  6. PS. Du lager så nydelige ting. Besøker siden din ofte for å få inspirasjpon.

  7. Hi Hanna... The table runner is lovely and you sure have been busy with all the hexies... Have fun teaching... Hugs :)

  8. You took on a worked for a it doesn' you're moving on to the "rest" of your life. Good for you. Money is always nice, but time spent doing what you really want to do, with people you want to be with is the JOY in life.

  9. Oh I so understand. I enjoy sewing for money now, but I know there will be a time when it will no longer be fun. It is hard to fit in my own projects!

  10. Sikkert et klokt valg, det skal være lystbetont og energigivende det vi holder på med. Stilig nålepute. Heldige er de som skal på kurs hos deg.

  11. Du har tatt det helt riktige valger. Dette skal være gøy og vi skal tenke litt på oss sjøl også.

  12. Good for you! I agree, sewing should be for fun....straight from the heart.. no pressure!! Enjoy!

  13. Well, you never know unless you try. I agree with you about the fun of blogging what you are working on. I think it would be a bit anti-climatic not to be able to blog about what you are working on - I know that many designers do have to keep things under wraps, oh the will power! I always like to see what you are working on - your handwork is exquisite! Cheers! Evelyn

  14. I'm sorry to read that you have been unhappy. You need to put yourself first and be a little selfish. Life's too short. We all fall into these ruts. Enjoy May and teaching this weekend.

  15. Høres ut som det er et riktig valg for deg, Hanne! Lykke til og KOS deg meg håndarbeidet.

  16. Many healing angel hugs to you Hanne. I am so pleased to hear that you are looking after yourself. I have had fibromyalgia for the past 22 years and have to pace myself. Believe me, it is worth it despite being a bit frustrating at times. Enjoy stitching for yourself at leisure and smell the roses.

  17. hi hanne, i am diabled too and i know very precisely what you mean. it's good to have challenges but it is good to know when to drop, too!
    enjoy your own projects!

  18. Hello Hanne Good for you for taking that 90 degree turn. As I get older I think that it is really important to do what we want and enjoy ourselves. I just know you and May Britt had a wonderful day together. Take care!


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