Monday, January 28, 2013

In Østerled

meLast Sunday in January is always Østerled Sunday – a gathering for quilters south east of Oslo, the capital of Norway.
Østerled is an expression from the vikings, going east (øst) on their quests.

P1070679This year I had the privilege of teaching, other years I am a participant.

In my class the topic was hand piecing, both traditional hand piecing and English paper piecing. Through the day 16 wonderful women made all these stars.
If we had joined forces we could have made a full quilt easily :-)

Since I was teaching I must admit I was not thinking to much about taking photos, and I forgot to take photos in the shop present, Kathrines Quilte Stue, but you all know already I love her shop!

We all enjoyed lunch together around noon, and after the day was over, we had a show & tell from all the classes.
Since a lot of the ladies are travelling quite a distance, everyone was not present at the show & tell, so I am so glad I had a photo taken of all the beautiful stars in my class.

P1070681Merethe’s class played with black, white + another colour


P1070684Bente’s class enjoyed different embroidery stitches.
All the photos are taken from a distance, so please bear with the slightly blurry photos.

P1070689My star class :-)
P1070690May Britt's heart class


May-Lisbeth’s Winding Ways class

P1070696P1070697A small show & tell of quilts finished from last year.

P1070698Before we started driving home, Kitty gave us a workout on stiff quilter’s muscles.
Thanks Kitty :-)


Thanks to May-Lisbeth and everyone,
for making this day so nice!
Vitamin Q in big dose!



  1. What a great day, I'm glad your class went so well.

  2. I used to do my EPP on the train to work and often thought if I gave everyone some to do, we would have a whole quilt everyday!

  3. Beautiful quilts, blocks and all them great smiles ....:)....
    Congrats on being one of the teachers.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Just the thing to brighten up a mid-winter day. It looks like a wonderful time! :-)

  5. We had a great day, and I would love to go back there :)

  6. Her var det mye fint å se! Ser gøy ut, med så mange fine kurs på en plass...

  7. Mye lekkert og mange glade damer :-)

  8. Many clever and creative ladies at Østerled! You have a lovely blog, Hanne :)

  9. lovely work - I wish I could encourage more quilters to try hand piecing but most want to stick with there sewing machines - enjoy your blog

  10. Her var det mange flotte damer samlet :-) Mange flotte prosjekter.

  11. Ser ut som dere hadde en trivelig event :-)


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