Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday night report

P1070627As much as I love my sewing machine, I must admit hand piecing is closer to my heart these days.
I have been working with my sewing machine for 2 whole days, on a project I am not at liberty to show you for quite some time.
One good thing – it is coming out looking good!

My relax work will be to applique this piece to a background :-)


Miss Cat thinks she is very helpful – me not so much ;-)
She prefers hand work too………..

I have been thinking out my priorities for the new year (not resolutions!) while doing all the machine work.
I think it will be a good year!





  1. I have only recently purchased card templates to do that same design in English Paper Piecing but I won't be appliquing it to a back ground. I think my cat will be taking a liking to it too. Happy New Year.

  2. I love the soft colour combination in your mystery project. I think you have very good taste.

  3. Such a good thought. I need to hang it on my sewing room wall!

  4. wow you have a very beautiful and colorful works


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