Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy strips to you too :-)

P1070839Maybe I can claim I am spring cleaning ??
– or maybe not, as I am making a mess in the quilt corner ;-)

Well – it is always nice to sort and “clean” in the fabric collection, and making care quilts is always nice, like paying it forward.

The red, pink and white top I made right after my neighbour died 3 weeks ago today. It was comforting to sort, cut and speed sew to relieve both stress and grief.

The blue top I made today, to check how much time is used to make one of these 1600” tops.
All in all I used 3 hours, from I pulled the box out of the closet,sorted the fabrics, cut 2,5” strips, approx. 40 meters in strips, joined them all to a 1600” strip, and doubled, doubled again, and again, and again, and again :-)

We will have a sew together for care quilts 6.- 7.April in my guild, Bærum Lappelag. Maybe some can be inspired by my tops ? I’ll bring them to the meeting tonight :-206561_463353477046341_1451758738_n



  1. Desse toppane er veldig fine! Nesten som eit måleri. Hmmmm....inspirasjon, ja!

  2. Really beautiful care quilts, Hanne!

  3. They are beautiful care quilts Hanne, and will brighten someone's day.

  4. I love those quilts. Thanks for the inspiration! I have some care quilts to make and now I see what I can do. :-)


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