Saturday, March 09, 2013

More blocks :-)


2 more Just Plain Nuts blocks – 8 focus blocks down, 41 to go.

P1070849P1070850I am mixing all kinds of techniques doing my blocks, and I even press seams open every now and then.

P1070852Over the last 2 days I have pieced 18 more setting blocks. 25 setting blocks done – 39 to go. I am mixing all kinds of light / white fabrics to add more interest to the blocks.

20130305_152735-1[1]It is quite some time since I last did crochet, but I was inspired to make one of these shoulder / neck warmers :-)
I have been on asthma inhalers this last week, after having a nasty cough for a long time, and my hands have been very shaky – to shaky to do any precision piecing or stitchery for most of the week.
The shaking hands are gone now :-)


Only one more of these blue beauties to go.
I am looking forward to make the Life Is Beautiful stitcheries into blocks.




  1. Enjoy every post from you, Hanne! Your crochet neck/shoulder warmer is so pretty; wish i could crochet!

  2. Jeg er virkelig nogle smukke ting du laver, jeg bliver helt misundelig på alt det du får lavet. God helg :-)

  3. Wow, Wonderful blocks. Your work is always fantastic.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  4. Nydelige blokker, Hanne. Du imponerer som vanlig!

  5. Love your blocks, stitchery, neck/shoulder warmer and the strippy quilts from your previous posts. You do such lovely work.

  6. Jag är så glad att ha hittat din blogg. Så fina saker och så mycket inspiration! Vackert, vackert, vackert :)

  7. Hi Hanne, I lóve your shoulder warmer! Nice blocks! xxx Elsbeth

  8. Oi! Ferdig med hals/ skuldervarmeren alt! Den ble utrolig lekker. Blokkene er også flotte. Spennende å følge med videre.

  9. I hope you feel better soon. You're moving right along and leaving me in the dust just like you said you would. ;-) I did block 10 of JPN yesterday. All your projects are fantastic! Take care.

  10. Good to hear you're feeling better. Your little blocks are divine, so pretty in red and creams. You will be nice and snug in your shoulder warmer.

  11. Those inhalers do that to me too. Yuck! I'm glad you are feeling better. Your blocks are wonderful! They look very precise from here. :-)

    My neck is always cold this winter, I am going to look for a neck and shoulder warmer pattern. You've inspired me.

  12. Jøjje så mykjy fint! Og så masse du har fått til da!

  13. Deilig og varm hekling! Delikate røde farger i blokkene dine;good luck videre,Hanne:-)

  14. I have just discovered your lovely blog and will be following! Love those log cabin blocks and nice to see how you put them together :)


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